Friday, March 21, 2008

Rain Rain ... Dont go away!

So nice today!

I m enjoying the rain here. It s pouring very heavily and I m having a hot cup of coffee in my balcony!
Have been yearning for this for so many days....

Just put the curtains for this house... looks more beautiful now!

Will post some snaps soon.

K.... I ll go and continue with my coffee and write a new post later today!

Bye for now...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I m back

Too bad.... no posts for more than 2 months... shame!
Ok enough of scolding myself, let me get back to my work...
We just shifted to our new flat. Near Tambaram.
Getting used to the new place. (Just got the internet connected)
The apartment is nice. around 30 families must have shifted here out of 240 flats...
Am yet to make friends here. Everyone seems to be busy with their daily routine. So, have not got time to make friends yet....

Have started using trains for my daily transport. Nice experience so far.
Prabu finds it very easy to go to his office from here.
Let s see how things work out here.
Will update more later.