Sunday, October 19, 2008


So, it all started with the preparation for my dad's Sashtiapthapoorthi... (For those who ve never heard this term before, it s the celebration of 60th Birthday).

Since this is so similar to the usual weddings, it had all the fun & hectic elements of shopping, meeting people, distribution of gifts, arranging for the mandapam, cook, vaathiyaar etc. etc.

The previous day was what I was waiting for as I had been asked to arrange for cultural programs... So, I brought some of my talented cousins on stage and it was amazing to note how some of them performed... Mr. K was amazing with his mimicry and dance! Then we had dinner followed by Tambola... Then my cousin Ms.P started off with her Mehendi talents...

After a very very minimal sleep for 4 hours, the next day started off.

Then we had the rituals that are followed for wedding.

Then a wonderful lunch and then... pack up!

The whole event was so much fun! Some of the relatives had come home before the function. It was just great to meet people after a long time!!

After this, we had a temple trip to our native. The whole thing was very nice... but very tiring too!! Then, one day, we had a Cousins' getogether... Details follow in the some other post later...:)