Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yaaradi Nee Mohini

If anyone you know is going for a tamil movie called"Yaaradi Nee Mohini", please ask them not to. I went for the movie and had a horrible headache for couple of days.

It s a biggggg bore...The story is just the usual... guy sees girl --> falls in love --> girl not interested. Reason??? She s engaged and (what a turning point) to the guy's best friend! And then what happens is a very gripping(hee hee)climax.(As if we dont know... obviously, the hero ought to win the girl's heart...So what if it s just the day before her wedding).

The suspense in the climax is completely lost as we know that Dhanush will marry Nayanthara for 2 good reasons

1. Tamil sentiment - should never marry another person when your heart is with someone else (PS - this rule applies ONLY for the heroines)

2.The hero s friend is Karthik kumar. Such people never get to marry the heroines when they play second hero ( vineet, abbas and lots of people who play "America maapillai" and this Karthikkumar too in "Alaipaayuthey").

Lots of serious scenes are made comical. Samples of some things which made this movie pathetic to the core. (Please note, i cant put in every bad thing in the movie... cos that s the whole script!)

1. Never knew that getting through GD and interview were so easy.You should watch how Dhanush passes through all therounds - nice imagination

2. Dhanush is a genius (suddenly). Initially, he is shown as a guy who s never passed any company's interview. And here he comes to SSI andfixes a bug which NO ONE could fix.How? By reading some books... cool na!!!???!!!

3. Our second hero - Mr. KK - His role is so stupid.He finds his fiance hugging his friend (C'mon, there was a thunder !!!) He just smiles and walks off... Very very dumb. The whole theatre was laughing at his character...

4. This character of a small girl who falls in love with Dhanush... irritating to the core... She had every bit of over acting... over reacting... which spoilt an already spoilt movie.

5. I expected some comedy from Dhanush + Karunas like some old movies... total disappointment.

6. Songs... eeeeeeeeks. No comments.
My Humble (final) verdict.

Changes ...


Am enjoying my new mode of transport these days...Electric train.
From Tambaram to Kodambakkam... in just 30 mts. It s so nice. The only problem I had was the crowd. That got solved once I got a first class pass.

Hmmm... here starts summer. So, am travelling a bit earlier than usual to avoid the heat.

Life is just going great!