Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fitness Blog

What is fitness? Everyone has their own definition. But everyone wants to be fit. Come new year and everyone wants to lose weight and transform into a new person. Loads of hoardings of gyms offering discounts. Some go to the extent of telling that you can pay "x" amount for losing "y" kgs. (Whew!!!) Losing weight without losing health is important. It is all about being healthy and fit with good stamina.

I started my fitness journey, the same way most of us do. I "had" to lose weight about 4 years back. So I joined a gym nearby for aerobics. Then I started doing strength training. The results were amazing. Over the last 4 years, I have gone to The Quad's fitness program, lots of aerobics and strength training classes at Fast Track. (I have had the wonderful opportunity of being trained by some great trainers, who have a no-nonsense approach to fitness.)

Fitness was no more just cardio and strength training when I wanted to lose weight. It became a daily activity, an investment for my health, thinking about what to eat, when to eat, what to do and importantly, what not to do in gym.

Now, after various sessions, once I have understood the workouts, going to gym is no more a burden. Working out is not a punishment. It is all about the feeling when I workout. The satisfaction when I complete. The perfection with which I do each rep, each set.

I would like to make you all a part of my fitness journey.

I just want to share my experiences and thoughts on fitness. So, I will be starting a separate blog . Right now am preparing some drafts and deciding on what to name my new blog.

Would like to have suggestions from you on the name of the blog and also on what type of content you would like to read (I am planning to focus on various workouts and do's and don'ts in gym)

Thanks :)