Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rain Rain... Dont go away!

Today evening, when it was drizzling, I just peeped out of the balcony and was thinking ... "Wish I could get wet in the rain. It s been really long!" But then, it ll be so kiddish if I go down just to get drenched!
So, after sometime, I HAD to go outside. But it stopped raining by then. So, I went to the shop. I just started from the shop and guess what... It was pouring ! Rain... and I had to walk ten minutes to go home! So, my dream came true! And I came back and had a hot hot cup of tea!
It was so nice... I never thought I ll enjoy this sooooooooo much!
A memorable evening ! Well, to be frank, another memorable evening!

Bye for now!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dasavathaaram... again!

So, here s my long pending post of a fuuuuul review..
As I said before...This movie is a showcase of Kamal's intelligence / talent .
But I observed some points when I watched this for the second time.

1) Asin was IRRITATING this time. I just could not stand her voice ... shouting PERUMAALE PERUMAALE.

2) The character of Andaal was portrayed as a very selfish one.
(i) For instance, when Fletcher shot Avatar Singh, she was not even bothered about anything other than the Idol... she took it and ran away.
(ii) Also, when Khalifulla khan s mother was being admitted in hospital, she was bothered about the blood stains in her dress.
(iii) Though Govind has told her many times that Fletcher is a bad guy, she fails to understand that and helps him to go in search of Govind.(in the hospital)
(iv) She s shown to be toooo much conscious about the cast of people ... always talking about this looked bad.
I guess Kamal did all this for 2 reasons. show him as a great character... a very good person and Two, his bad opinion about pious / religious people.

3) Kamal is extra ordinary in dubbing... Notice the places where 2 /3 Kamal(s) talk... His voice modulation is very nice

4) Note the scenes when Asin does not give the Idol to Govind... I felt so bugged... why could he just not slap on her face and get the idol back? But (may be) it was their "poorva jenma" (previous birth) connection!

5) Balram Baidu is just too Hilarious... Could not help laughing whenever he comes on the screen!

6) Kamal should have avoided the scenes in which Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi appeared. He could have just put anyone as a CM ( like other Tamil movies). Same to Manmohan Singh also.
There is so much time gap between Tsunami and Karunanidhi being the CM... If he would have avoided showing them, it would have been a lot better

7) Why did he make fun of Bush in the last scene by dancing on the stage? Here also, he could have been refered as a President, instead of Bush. In many scenes, this character was made very dumb (eg. "what is NaCl" and "If it is complicated, leave it.")

But all said and done, I feel like watching this movie again... It s not just a movie, it s an experience... I really like the screenplay and the whole package... We will always comment on any kind of movie... But I guess only Kamal can do this... who else can take a movie on such topics like butterfly effct / chaos theory?

I heard a lot of people didnt like the movie. But I dont understand why! On asking, I got explanations like... "The movie makes u think so much" "It s too Hi Fi" "It should have been like Sivaji.. with Masala and Timepass" well well well, its always an individuals' opinion and my opinion is This is a movie which has crossed the boundaries of usual Tamil Cinema... with Hero loves Heroine / Villian Opposes etc etc... This movie is a Class - this will always stand Unique!