Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My first Bike Trip...! Legen......dary!!

Let me begin with a biiiiiiiiiig round of applause to Hari and Vandy for making me a part of this bike trip.... ;)

It all started when Vandy sent out e-mails about the trip. I had been pestering my husband about going for a bike trip since the last year, but somehow, nothing worked out. So we joined the gang and set out on a lovely trip....

Let me give a small intro on the gang

Prabu - My hubby. Needless to say, has great patience!! ;).
He loves driving and also likes listening to songs / singing or browsing about tech / gadgets !!

Santy Santy - The only girl rider in the gang. Nice singer. Sema mokkai party. Loves to be in the gang and also suddenly takes sometime off for herself with books / "Friends" videos. She loves to make the best of time and enjoys every moment!

Hurry, the anniyan - He is a fun loving person who loves to travel and explore all the places. Loves taking photos. Loves to dance (Dhanush style). Loves to sing (Simbu style)

Vandy - the "cool girl" -  The "appa-tucker" organizer. She knows how to get things done right. Whatever situations we had , she dealt with a cool head. Also, sema company for mokkais.

Velakku - The true wanderer. Drives cool bike! A great teaser(leg-puller!). Always makes fun of someone or the other...In the beginning, he looked like terror. Now, a good friend :).

Prati -  Such an amazing singer. Very cute and "chamathu" girl!

PK - Amazing talented guy. Plays flute so well!

Vishwa - The observer. The silent person in the gang ( I know it is tough to talk when I am around cos I hardly give a chance!!). But again, towards the end of trip, we became good friends:)

Vicky - The "bank robber" / ninja ! Loves making fun of everyone. But I keep making fun of him!!

Divs - We share one great interest ... Food!! Sweet girl. We met and almost very soon we became friends ... btw, it happened over a cup of coffee / tea , dosa, bajji, vada etc etc!!

We , along with 3 Yamaha FZ , 1 Royal Enfield Bullet , 1 Hyosung and 1 Indica were all set!!

Day 1 - Travel travel and travel

Started out by 8.30AM. About 2 hours late due to some technical reasons. Went through the typical Bangalore traffic. Took 1.5 hrs to reach the highway. Since it was a long weekend, even the highway was crowded.
Had breakfast break at an Authentic Iyengar restaurant. Nice dosa and coffee!
After few hours of journey, next break for lunch near Hunsur

Rode through the bad roads for sometime and reached the place (Vimla Homestay). Mr Narendra had arranged a wonderful dinner. The place we stayed was awesome. It was in the middle of a 20 acre coffee plantation

Day 2 - Safari ki sawari

Started for Safari from the guest house. The host was kind enough to offer his van as we could not go to the forest in bikes. Hubby had a tough time in maneuvering the vehicle which was in ICU! The safari was not very interesting. But the ride was good. Came back and had breakfast. Then left to Iruppu falls... We had the best time ever. Ice cold water!!! Sema company.... Didn't feel like coming out... but then felt hungry (of course!) . So, went back to the homestay for a wonderful lunch. Then after a short nap , followed by hot tea-biscuits, the host had arranged camp fire. All of us had super fun around it. It was a musical evening with me, sandy, vandy , divs and prati singing and PK with his flute!

Day 3 - The Beautiful Damn! Sorry Dam!

After the homestay host gave lot of description of the Banasurasagar dam, we all went with high hopes.. But it was mokkai! nothing very special. But as usual, the gang made it very interesting trip! We had a picnic lunch, again thanks to Mr Narendra! Came back tired. Then one more evening of camp fire. This time with Mafia. Played the game so many times. Each time atleast one comedy will happen, which would send us in a splits of laughter! We also had a dance session with Divs, Hari and of course, yours truly!!

Day 4 - Happys Endings!

So, as all good things, this trip also had to come to an end!! Like SRK said in Om Shanti Om, "If it is not Happy, then it is not the ending... Happys Endingsssss!"

We went for a walk in the morning. Then started packing up and started our drive back.Thjis time the drive was very nice. We reached Bangalore by 5. After relaxing for a bit, we all sat together to watch the videos and photos of the trip (BTW, this part was more enjoyable than the trip itself) .

Finally boarded the train back to Singara Chennai!!

This trip will be etched in my memory for ever and ever.
Strangers became friends. Friends became best friends.

Now, let us all plan for the next trip... Get ... set ... Gooooooooooooo!