Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A li'l bit of this... & a bit of that

First about the occasion... It was a family getogether and i became very close to a whole bunch of people! Time passed so soon and before I knew, I was back... with the usual routine...
The next weekend was with my school friends... we had tons and tons of things to catch up! and as usual, pulling J's leg and chatting with Bets after ages! It was such a memorable day!
And then... here I was surfing the TV channels... as I had a break before making Rotis for dinner.... I watched a soap on Sony TV... In 5 minutes ( no exaggeration) the following things happened with the "Heroine" of the serial...
1. Her husband had a fight with her and left her.
2. Her Father in law was scolding her.
3. Her son was about to be murdered.
4. Her daughter was kidnapped.
Oh oh! How much can this poor lady take? And so, there were load of close up shots and slow music and lots and lots of tears.
Do these people think women HAVE to get all the sorrows in the world???
I could just not tolerate it! Cant understand how these serials become a HIT!
Bye for now...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Time for another Family Get together...
I enjoy this part of life... With so many relatives around me, there s always something or the other happening here!
It s so nice to meet all the relatives and esp. if we get along well with them.
This time it was so so so much fun that I got exhausted... never felt like leaving the place.
Will write in detail in my next post.
See ya!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Life... As I see it

I never used to believe that life is all about how we look at it... until recently.

Couple of months back, my mood was OFF and I started get bored of everything. And everything seemed to be a irritating... Right from traveling to office to coming home and making / having dinner... everything seemed so monotonous and boring that I got bugged (obviously!)

So after sometime, when my frustration was at its peak, I looked at my past few days and realised...that THIS is not the real ME. Ya, I was just not being myself and then I started to put an effort to bring back the real ME.

So, I started to observe things happening around me and started thinking how funny things can be... Something like... Listening to conversations ( and observing people.
Here, I would like to mention about a conversation I heard between two ladies ( From what they were talking, I think they were working as English teachers in some school.
(Listen, I dont do evesdropping, but they were talking aloud sitting next to me... So, could not help it!)
Their conversation had such a bad standard of English... I was shocked.
"U got it aaah"
"They came aaah"
So on and so forth!
Imagine what kind of English they ll be teaching in classes... Hopeless!
And I met a girl who was dressed and behaving like a PETER... when she started talking in English, again, the same hopeless stuff .. "I sawed" (she meant "saw") "I cutted" etc etc...
So, coming back to the topic, (finally!!) I realised how much fun I was missing...
It s so simple, if nothing special happens that day, I ll just imagine the lady sitting next to me in train with a moustache and this will be enough to make me laugh! (OK... I know this doesnt sound funny, but just try this with strangers and you'll know!)
And like SRK says in Om Shanti Om... "Happys Endings!"
NOTE : For those who are reading this line... Thanks... You seem to have lots of patience :). Cos I know this one has lot of "mokkais". Anyways, Keep it up!! Hee haa haa...

Kangal Irandaal!

This is my latest favourite song. From the movie Subramaniyapuram...
The song is so mesmerising... Nice lyrics and catchy tone. If you know Tamil, try listening to this!
I feel this song resembles "Then merku paruva kaatru...", still I enjoyed it! :)