Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dell Computer


We decided to upgrade the computer... and the discussion finally ended up in buying a new one.
We r looking to buy a Dell computer (mostly a laptop).
So, let s see how things work out!
Keeping fingers crossed!

Bye for now

My Culinary Skills!

So, here I start blogging about how I learnt cooking and some simple dishes.
I will give a basic / beginners method.

I start with my fav. Veg Pulao.

This is a good one for lunch as the cooking is not very complex.
I generally don't like lot of masala in this.
People who like lot of vegetables, people who r health conscious will like this recipe.
Also, keep the oil, ghee level to minimum possible.

(for 2 people)

1) A cup of rice (basmati is very good, but not compulsory)
2) Lots of vegetables (Onions, Potatoes, carrot, beans, peas, cauliflower. Some people also like to add panneer and capsicum) cut into same medium size. You decide the quantity.(I prefer about 2 cups of veggies)
3) 2 Green Chillies
4) Ghee / Oil
5) One Spoon Jeera
6) Spices as per your taste (I prefer adding some cloves for flavor)
7)Salt as per taste (hmmm generally, one t.spoon should do)

1.Heat half a spoon of ghee and half a spoon of oil together (If you don't mind the fat, add only ghee, gives nice smell)
2.Add Jeera, cloves, Green Chillies.
3.Wait for a minute and then add onions.
4.Once the onions are transparent, add the other vegetables and mix for sometime. Add salt as per taste.
5.Then add rice to it and one and a half cups of hot water (depending on the rice)
6.Keep in the microwave for twenty minutes (open it after ten minutes and mix the rice)
Or use a normal cooker for 1 whistle and some settling time.
You can also mix everything in the pan and then put in the rice cooker.

7.You can add fried bread crumbs (as in soup) or soya chunks...

Onion Raitha goes well with this.

So, experiment with this and enjoyyyyyyyy.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Humble thoughts


Life seems to be busy these days. Had to go for a cousin's wedding and then came Diwali. So, didnt update my blog.

I have gone into philosophical mood these days.

Generally, I am a person who finds comedy in almost every thing (Ask my friends! there are numerous instances when almost nothing happened and I used to go on laughing for sometime!)

These days, I ve been thinking about lot of 'why' s.

Things are so strange.

I met my school mate the other day after years. And I got lost into my thoughts about my school.

I had a nice time in my school , though it was supposed to be a very very strict one. I enjoyed singing with my friends (in the school choir). The annual days, the sports days, days when I conducted the prayer, days when we rehearsed, days we had music classes, days I attended the leaders meeting... Now, I cherish all that. But when it all happened, it just seemed to be a routine. I was just waiting to come out of it and go to college.

Same thing happened in college. I remember chatting with my friends about how boring and "usual" life had become. But now, when I hear my college name, I feel sad that all the moments have just passed away.

But again, I think I should be happy that I have so many sweet memories that I will always cherish.

Chalo, enuff of philosophy now.
Will continue later...

Tuesday, November 6, 2007