Monday, October 15, 2012

To Golu or not to Golu!

This afternoon, I was thinking about .... well, that is the heading of this post... Anyways, I decided to go with the "safe" choice of keeping a "simple" golu.

Well, first things first. Let me tell you why I didn't want to keep golu

1. I am lazy

2. I don't have an eye for "craft" / beautiful art work

3. I feel it is too much of effort. You have too many Rules and Regulations.
                         (i) You have to make sundal / prasadam everyday.
                         (ii) You have to invite everyone .
                        (iii) You have to go to all your friends /  relatives places when they invite you.
Ok. The first two rules are not a big deal. But look at the third one. I have lots of relatives and friends in Chennai (most of you would know this fact!). I like meeting them and spending time with them. But doing so many things in a short span on 9 days makes it HECTIC! You end up travelling for 2 or 3 days and just making "flying - visit" to most of your relatives' places. Also, you feel so sick when it is over as you HAVE to eat / drink something at everyone's place because... well, you HAVE to.
4. Again, I am lazy.
So, next point (I guess I am making too many points over here!) is why I wanted to keep golu.
1. Because everyone does and I have been doing it every year till now!
Today is the days when everyone SHOULD keep the golu ( Amavasai )
I had a hectic day. Lots of things didn't go as I had planned and so my plan to start the Mission Golu started only at 6.00PM .
Heaving a huge sigh of relief, I started to unpack one of the 3 bags.
There... lots and lots of dolls / idols wrapped in paper (this work was done last year by yours truly). I took one. Suddenly I felt excited...I felt like a kid opening a birthday gift. It was a doll from "the wedding set". Then I started opening one by one ... like unraveling a puzzle. Where is that from this set??? Where is this from that set??? After sometime, I was surrounded by a sea of colorful , beautiful dolls / idols which made me smile...Then my MIL was telling me about some very old idols in this and the cute little stories behind them (I love hearing stories about when my hubby was a kid... makes me feel like I have known him since that long).
Once myself and my MIL started arranging and discussing, I got the feel of the golu... and it was nice.. I was enjoying it. Then I started planning about the shopping, sundal and going to everyone's house.... :)
It may sound very philosophical.... but I guess you don't have to question or justify everything in life. Sometimes it is always good to just go with the drift. Don't analyze every detail. You don't have to look back and think that you had a perfect life. Because if you think so much, it will make life harder. Just enjoy this moment.
If you want to keep golu, go ahead. Enjoy very bit of it. Don't lament about it. It is your decision. 
If you don't want to. Don't. Be courageous to tell anyone who asks you that I don't want to do it.
Finally, if you are not happy with your decision, it is OK. Life is not about how many perfect decisions you've made, it is about how many wonderful moments you've had...
Keep smiling and have a wonderful life... and ya, Happy Navratri!