Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Zest for fun!


I ve just returned after a 4 days stay in Zest resort at Pondicherry...

The stay was very nice... Really enjoyed the time we spent there...

Anyways, I will get back to blogging now... Just let me think... Is anything interesting cooking around me? Well, not a lot in my life... But I would say lot of things are "happening" for people around me... like about half a dozen people are pregnant and couple of people got married just now and couple of people are "looking" for marriage sometime this year.

Now, knowing about me (non stop nonsense type), I dont wonder that I have so many friends. Also, I have lots of cousins and the family tree (obviously) increased after wedding. So, no wonder I know so many people.

But frankly, I am not very close to many people... cos, I think some people are so busy with their life... they even find it difficult to reply to a mail that we sent long back.

Now, I certainly am very very "ego"ish in this aspect.
Like, when I put in something in a relationship / friendship, I expect atleast the same amount back...if not more!
Ya, I know I sound like a bad person. Cos we are not "supposed" to expect anything from friends. But that s me! I am not a person who will always be the first one to call you.. ya, may be once / twice ... but not all the time...

Me and my hubby often discuss about people... something strange or funny happening around us... I just happened to think... what would people think about me? From what people have told me I ve got totally different answers... here are some

Idiotic (yes... people HAVE told me that! LOL...)

And lot of people have told me "Before we became friends, I thought you had a lot of "head-weight"... But once we became friends, I changed my opinion"

Well, imagine if we all had a website or something where we could see what this person thinks about me... Would be so cool na!

Anyways, I m always trying to improve from what I ve been... I take a look at people around me and try to follow things that I like about them... I guess that is personality development for me...

And... what would I like to change in myself?


  • I laugh at tiniest of jokes... Sometimes, it is very embarassing (my sister has experienced it a lot) So, I would like to control it.
  • I am very very sensitive. Trust me, I am the most sensitive person I have ever seen!
  • I expect a lot from people who are close to me.

Cant think of more at the moment... I am sure there are some more things left out...

Do share your thoughts on this :)

And ya.. I will share my positive side (ahhhhem.. cough cough) in my next post

Till then

B Bye...