Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Zest for fun!


I ve just returned after a 4 days stay in Zest resort at Pondicherry...

The stay was very nice... Really enjoyed the time we spent there...

Anyways, I will get back to blogging now... Just let me think... Is anything interesting cooking around me? Well, not a lot in my life... But I would say lot of things are "happening" for people around me... like about half a dozen people are pregnant and couple of people got married just now and couple of people are "looking" for marriage sometime this year.

Now, knowing about me (non stop nonsense type), I dont wonder that I have so many friends. Also, I have lots of cousins and the family tree (obviously) increased after wedding. So, no wonder I know so many people.

But frankly, I am not very close to many people... cos, I think some people are so busy with their life... they even find it difficult to reply to a mail that we sent long back.

Now, I certainly am very very "ego"ish in this aspect.
Like, when I put in something in a relationship / friendship, I expect atleast the same amount back...if not more!
Ya, I know I sound like a bad person. Cos we are not "supposed" to expect anything from friends. But that s me! I am not a person who will always be the first one to call you.. ya, may be once / twice ... but not all the time...

Me and my hubby often discuss about people... something strange or funny happening around us... I just happened to think... what would people think about me? From what people have told me I ve got totally different answers... here are some

Idiotic (yes... people HAVE told me that! LOL...)

And lot of people have told me "Before we became friends, I thought you had a lot of "head-weight"... But once we became friends, I changed my opinion"

Well, imagine if we all had a website or something where we could see what this person thinks about me... Would be so cool na!

Anyways, I m always trying to improve from what I ve been... I take a look at people around me and try to follow things that I like about them... I guess that is personality development for me...

And... what would I like to change in myself?


  • I laugh at tiniest of jokes... Sometimes, it is very embarassing (my sister has experienced it a lot) So, I would like to control it.
  • I am very very sensitive. Trust me, I am the most sensitive person I have ever seen!
  • I expect a lot from people who are close to me.

Cant think of more at the moment... I am sure there are some more things left out...

Do share your thoughts on this :)

And ya.. I will share my positive side (ahhhhem.. cough cough) in my next post

Till then

B Bye...


  1. U laugh at the tiniest of jokes.... it doesn't even have to be a joke actually...hehe... so so true... n Jay is ur perfect companion on that one..

  2. Betsy...u r no big exception!!when prabs infects me with her laughter at whatsoever,I inturn had always passed on to u!!!Oh this is reminding me of 'the three of us together times'. :)

    And Prabs,been a long time since we spoke!!Are you waiting for me to call?? ;)he he he

  3. are no big exception!When Prabs had infected me with her laughter on whatsoever, I had always passed on to you!Ahhhh this is reminds me of 'the three of us together times' :)

    Prabs, been a long time since we spoke!Are you waiting for me to make a call?;)

  4. J, that gives me a topic for another blog... 'the three of us together times' :) But anyways, there will be so much to write! So, what happened to ur blog madam? Will call u this weekend (seriously!!)

  5. Hey Pra... I thought you are going to write about some thing that happened in Pondicherry. Whatever you told holds true for me too. I am so lazy to call anyone, but that doesn't mean I don't like those whom i am supposed to call. Some people are like that. I also expect lot from a relation, because i put so much of my heart to any relation i am in, so i get hurt when someone don't remembers me. So i would decide to wait for the other person to call and i keep waiting. Even in my case people have thought about me as a very egoistic as I don't talk to strangers and I am very shy. I still remember the situation you were in when i sat beside you in the .net training. :)

  6. Ha ha... After you post a comment on my blog if i didn't reply or if i am not reading your blog then you may get angry.. !!! :). But trust me, i didn't have chance to look into any of the blogs for the past one month and i was thinking of reading your blog yesterday but i didn't. Suddenly after seeing your comment I've visited your blog and i am writing this comment....
    I guess what ever you have written is completely true and somehow you have forgot to mention your mokai though... :) I always not a person who waits for somebody to call/contact me, rather i will call them whenever i get a chance and some people won't respond and used to get angry at that time and thinking that i should not call them till they respond.. But that never happened and i used to call them again and if they attend i feel that i have privilege to scold them since they haven't responded to my call. Whatever happens i used to keep in contact with the people whom i want to and they do understand that... It's not only for me, i guess everybody has their group of people who always care for them whether they are calling or not...

    Just trying bring the memory of writing some mokai .. :)

  7. gets scared very very easily,....most easily scarable person.

  8. Senthil (your school mate)August 12, 2009 at 9:55 AM

    I would agree on that "Head-weight" matter but with a small exception being, even though not a very close friend of yours I changed it during the sports day choir practice....