Sunday, December 23, 2007

Temple trip


Had gone to a short trip for some temples (hmm... must be about 6) in and around Kumbakonam.

Started from Chennai on Friday morning in Qualis... Had a nice journey. The road was decent, except for some small stretches. So much greenery... :)

We stayed in Uppili Appan Koil. The place is so nice. It s so refreshing to see such places. Felt like staying there for some more days... but had to get back soon. So, started our way back on Saturday morning, went to another temple on the way and reached home by evening...

I feel good after such break from routine. But for such trips, life is so predictable. Monday to Friday, same schedule. Weekends, get up late, have lunch and go out in the evening.

That's all... Things like this are such a great change.

Waiting for another trip next month. Destination not finalised yet. lets see...
Bye for now.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

BILLA 2007

It all started with the movie DON (Amitabh)... Then BILLA (Rajni) happened.

Then, one fine day, we had DON (SRK) and here comes BILLA(Ajith).

Whew! What a small world! Are people short of stories????

Anyways, my husband is a die hard "thala" fan. So, when we heard about Billa s remake, we bought a DVD of the old Billa. The old movie was good... with lots of twists in the story. But it was spoilt by overacting of some characters... I didnt enjoy the role done by Major Sundar Rajan and Thengai Srinivasan... Their over acting was just too much.

But overall, we enjoyed the movie. (cos we had the control to forward the songs - except title song and also the loooooooong fight scene).

We went for Billa 2007 day before yesterday night.

Very stylish one from VishnuVardhan. The costumes, the lights, the cars, the location... everything is good.

The movie is crisper than the old one as they ve cut Thengai Srinivasan s character. Unbelievably true... this character extended the story by about half an hour! Good decision on that. This one got over in abt 2 hours and 10 mts... unusual for a Tamil movie... :)

The director's wife (Anu vardhan) has done the costumes. Good job.

A very good entertainer. Go for this one yaar!

Monday, December 3, 2007


Went for "VEL" yesterday night!

Was surprised yaar. The movie was actually good. After reading the reviews, I thought the movie is going to be a biiiiig bore, but then wanted to go for a movie very badly!! so, we had to go...

The story is fast moving and the screenplay is good. Just very nice.

Hmmm... songs r very usual, nothing impressive, but managable!

Nice time pass ... masala movie with lot of twist and turns.

Go and see it if u have time! Worth giving a try...