Sunday, December 23, 2007

Temple trip


Had gone to a short trip for some temples (hmm... must be about 6) in and around Kumbakonam.

Started from Chennai on Friday morning in Qualis... Had a nice journey. The road was decent, except for some small stretches. So much greenery... :)

We stayed in Uppili Appan Koil. The place is so nice. It s so refreshing to see such places. Felt like staying there for some more days... but had to get back soon. So, started our way back on Saturday morning, went to another temple on the way and reached home by evening...

I feel good after such break from routine. But for such trips, life is so predictable. Monday to Friday, same schedule. Weekends, get up late, have lunch and go out in the evening.

That's all... Things like this are such a great change.

Waiting for another trip next month. Destination not finalised yet. lets see...
Bye for now.

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