Saturday, November 2, 2013

Arrambam.... "thala" diwali to "thala vali" diwali!!

Expected a stylish flick with a decent storyline from VishnuVardhan

First half was ok.
I went to see this movie without reading reviews. So, the storyline was interestin.
The only unbearable feature being Taapsee Pannu... Yemma ponnu... yenna ma panreenga???? I think she s the upcoming Laila (loosu ponnu image) . Sema kodumai. Her accent, her voice, her acting ... thaangale!

First half raised the expectations for the second half.

Second half was too long.
Maybe it felt longer because of the stupid scenes and dumb story

Overall... rating 2.5/5

Ajith - For his acting ... stylish performance
Some scenes were good.

Ajith - Intha "salt-pepper" hairstyle with thoppai... Please boss....!
Story - very weak, lots of logical confusions esp towards the end
Taapsee (enough said)
Music - songs and BGM... a big letdown
Editing - Some scene lacked the flow... Like they cut abruptly. Also, length should have been reduced by atleast an hour
Comedy in serious scenes.

For example ...
Hacking the system of Swiss Bank was a piece of cake.... But hacking the system of a bank in Dubai... Oh Gawd!
Our Software geek, not only is able to find out that money has been transferred out of the Swiss bank, but also, is able to locate the account to which the money has been transferred.
To transfer the money... Both people should be in the same place. And , of course, the bank manager HAS to be there. Dont worry if he is some other new guy. Everyone believes a guy in suit and Ray Ban!
The time taken for money transfer is directly proportional to the amount that is being transferred!!
You can go to Dubai, hack the system, cheat a big shot there and kill lots of people... and just safely get back home in no time!! Yeppppudi??? (Antha ooru police yenna leave le poittangala???)

Lots more. But guess this is enough!
Looks like the director worked around the basic elements first and then found a story around it.
Like... Ajith, suits, sunglasses, arya, computer, nayanthara, guns, bank, money.... and ya, now we also need bike, car, boat chase... and hmmmm... ya, a foreign location... Ok... So, now we write a story around this!

Overall... Go if you like ajith... sorry... if you are a big time thala fan .... and dont expect anything else !