Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dream Vacation :)

Our much awaited Europe trip... was truly dream come true.
It all started when we were wondering, why we two have never been to a proper vacation since a long time. So, we started planning stuff and finally decided on Europe!

Then came another tough decision... to go on our own or with some travel operator. After long long discussions (with lots of inputs from my cousin Hari) we decided to go on our own.

Next, planning and organizing... this took a lot of time. Prabu did a great job of consolidating everything and making our daily itenary.

Two days in Paris were nice. Saw Eiffel tower (about thrice) and also, went to the topmost level to catch a good view of the place. Also, saw the Louvre, ArcDe Truimph and went for a cruise on River Sienne.

A view of the Eiffel Tower from River Sienne

Next halt, Interlaken, where we were joined by my cousin and her husband. This is a small town, full of beautiful scenaries :). Went to JungFrau (Top of Europe) and had a great time playing in the snow rides. Went for a boat ride near Interlaken.
On the way to Jungfrau from Interlaken
Last halt at Lucerne. We had about three days here. But there was nothing much to see in this place. So, we took train to a small, peaceful and very beautiful place, Zug and spent an evening there.
Near Lake Zug
Went for excursion in Mt. Titlis. Ended the excursion with theTrotti bike ride. (I was very scared to ride it initially... but later enjoyed it a lot) It was very adventurous.

Last day was spent in train... Took a scenic train from Montreux to Zweissimmen...

A view from the scenic train

One more from the scenic train

Overall, it was a great trip! Lots of pics... loads of memories in our hearts forever and ever :)

Friday, June 11, 2010


When my sister suggested going for this movie, I was not very excited about it. But now, I am happy that I agreed.

First thing I like about this.... very small songs... Just couple of them, last for just a minute or so.
The screenplay is so nice. We didnt realise that 3 hours had passed.

Ranbir and Katrina... I never thought I would like them... especially Kat... But she has proved her acting skills (finally!) in this movie.

The casting is very apt. For instance, the role that Nana Patekar has played, could only be played by him.

A very gripping story and great screenplay... Ya... it has lot of similarities with Mahabharata, but so what? I really enjoyed the movie... Serious one, but worth the time.


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blogging about my blog

Just noticed that lots of my posts are in draft.
Everytime I open a draft, to complete, I am BLANK.
I am not able to recollect what made me type the draft!!

Thinking about my blog, I never thought I will blog... or rather, someone will read my blog. My friends in Hexaware gave this idea. I am so happy about this, though I have never done enough justification.
Blogging helps me feel connected... some friends comment, some others talk about this when we chat and some just pass on the info to some one else... Feels nice!

I also like reading my friends' blogs. But, after twitter became popular, lots of them have (almost) stopped blogging. I tried tweeting, but like I mentioned earlier, it just does not seem to work for me. I can NEVER be a person of a few words... guess it s just not my cup-of-tea!

I also tried blogging in Tamil... I enjoy writing in tamil, but sometimes, I get some issues while typing, which interrupts my thought process a lot... so, have reduced it... (I dont want to stop it).

Anyways, keeping in touch with friends / relatives does not seem to be a big deal these days, with Face Book. But I dont want to lose touch of blogging. I feel so nice after posting something.... most of the days, it s nothing more than "i feel" or "i think" stuff, but still :)...

Well, that s me. See, I made a post with nothing substantial to talk about... with just the title... and here I am ... at the end of it.... ! Hope I get some topic for my next post (aaah ... I better ...or I may end up writing about "What do I do if I dont get a topic to blog about, but still want to blog"!)

Keep smiling!! :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cough cough!

It is one thing to get cold / fever
It is another thing to get cold / fever in peak summer!
Terrible... I should say... asking for warm water in restaurants, using geyser at home, not having any cold drinks / ice creams, no flavoured milk... it is only tea or boost! :(

So, it just happened that I caught some bad infection from somewhere... one week of fever, body pain and cold scared my doctor and she advised me for a complete blood check up... it had all tests... from simple-well-known heamoglobin to very complicated stuff (including dengue, malaria, typhoid etc etc).

And my report came out to be positive in couple of typhoid tests (there were three tests for that). I went to the doctor with a sad (oh-i-got-typhoid) look. She looks at the report and said "That s a good report" (?????) When I asked about these two tests that turned out positive, she said that the third test is very important and if that is negative, there is nothing to worry. Also, my positive reports are in a very less dilution....
Ok... whatever... now what??? 5 days of medication and rest. Of course, this means I can take break from my work, rest at home and justify whenever I cook less!!! But still I have got the "I am sick" feeling. Pity!!! Poor me...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Am back ... (well..again!)

Been doing / seeing lots of new things this time.... though that doesnt justify for a long break from blogging!

Just started tweeting again... though I somehow feel, it is not something that I will really enjoy...let's see.

Enjoyed watching the you tube videos of "Dhoni" and "Jai" (blabbering CKS, i am wearing dhoni's shirt etc etc) during CSK matches... really really funny!

Have been watching episodes of Two and a half men on star world on Sundays... have got addicted to these... just hilarious...

Busy with some functions at home... my cousin's engagement, my uncle's sashtiapthapoorthi(in simple words, 60th birthday) and my nephews' upanayanam...

Once again, I am on the "healthy" track... with walking everyday and having green tea (almost daily). The second part is the toughest!

Am also busy increasing my "social" activities... I go to the park in my apartment everyday in the evening... other than enjoying cool breeze, I also get to make lots of friends... :)

Life is Good :)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Me and movies

So, it is again about movies...
Saw couple of movies in Tamil...

Aayiraththil Oruvan
Tamizh Padam

AO was just excellent in the first half... the blood shed was a bit too much, but the story was interesting for sure... As I was just wondering how the story will go in the second half, it was pathetic! Though I saw the edited version (I heard about 45 mts of the story was cut due to length), the second half was just not tolerable...
But I think it is a movie that we should watch atleast once... For the sake of the different storyline.

* The imagination of a chola king being alive is ok. But after that the story goes in a confused manner... Some black magic... some superstitious believes... some inscriptions.... aaaaaahhhhhhh
* Andrea is nowhere to be seen in the second half. (Probably because of some issues with the director, her role was reduced).Even in the first half, her character is very confusing... she doesnt tell about any of the problems... suddenly, from one point, she starts helping out...
* It is an out-an-out Reemma Sen (what s with the spelling!??!) movie. Karthi, could have thought before taking this role! After seeing his role in the first half, we expect so much... but there is nothing much for him after that.
*Why... why should the Cholas be shown as a group of uncivilised barbarians... (wherein the king alone lives happily), while the Pandiyas have eveolved into sophisticated human beings?
* So many confusions in the second half...! (Some in the first half too!)

A MUST WATCH MOVIE despite its negative points... Rarely, do we have a Tamil movie like this.

The next one, Tamizh(p) Padam

This was a complete contrast to the previous movie that I saw.
Full of funny lines and "typical" stuff from lots of Tamil movies... It was just hilarious. But beware, those who dont follow lot of Tamil movies, will hardly understand the jokes. I enjoyed the movie a lot. But only someone with a political background can come out with a movie like this. They have made fun, that too very openly, about stars in Tamil cinema... Rajni, Kamal, Karthik, Vijay, Simbu, TR, Vijaykanth etc etc... The hero, 'Mirchi' Shiva has given excellent performance in all the scenes. As usual, the heroine doesnt have much to do. The songs are nice... I liked the one with no lyrics, other than usual blabbering of lots of Tamil songs.
A very light movie... Go for it if you want to watch a perfect entertainer!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What is everyone doing?

What is this thing with "No time" these days?

I saw this Iodex ad, in which the female was dancing and telling that she has "No time" for pain.
Then, this Garnier Fructis (or whatever) ad, in which this female says she has "No time" for oiling her hair (Oh! Please...)

There is this one called Aloo Mash... It "Saves Time", you know.... It has ready to cook (boiled, peeled and mashed) potatoes

Parachute (advansed) coconut oil has this idea of Hot Oil... So, you just keep it on your hair, it will have the effect of a massage (No points for guessing, "No time" for massage)

What is everyone doing?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tweet a tweet a tweet

I know, it is not much of a news to join twitter... But I just did and am finding it difficult! I think I am a very "blah-blah" person, who knows very little about keeping it short!

But not bad... Look... what a small post by me! Guess am learning ... haa haa


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yawn... Well... Yeah... I saw AVATAR (Sorry for the mokkai Title!)

+ The movie is GREAT
+ The grapics are SUPERB
+ The terms used are NICE... you know, Navi, Sahelu, some God(forgot the name) and spirit stuff
+ The way they have shown Pandora is AMAZING
+ The plants, their lighting... OUT OF THE WORLD
+ again, 3D is FANTASTIC

- The story.... it is BORING...  reminded me of some tamil movies... remember Nayagan, where Kamal fights for people who are asked to clear an area.... same stuff in another planet... ok?
- And... this koodu-vittu-koodu-payara stuff (something like exchange of spirits) we have definitely seen this right?
- Finally, something happens and the Hero saves the world (which is a suspense till the last minute haa haa...)

Overall, it is a movie that everyone should watch... but we get used to the graphics and when the story is boring... the effect is Yawn....AwwwWHAT????????RRRRRRRRRRR

And ya... Wish you a very Happy New Year! Keep smiling...