Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy new year!

Happy 2009 friends!

May all your dreams and wishes come true this year.

Keep smiling,


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reality shows... Really??

I don't understand the whole point in calling these shows "reality". How much is the reality in these shows is a big big question.

But I should mention that there are some programs which are "talent" shows.

First about the good ones (only in Tamil channels)

Jaya TV s “Yennodu paatu paadungal”
This SPB s show is my fav. Neat one. No exaggerations. The way SPB gives his comments is also nice. This one is a show which, for a change, has lot of reality and almost zero nonsense.

Vijay TV s “kalakka povathu yaaru”
This show was very nice, bringing in good talented people (most of whom moved to other channels later). But what I didn’t like was these small kids who are brought to this show. It s really sad. These kids are made to over act and over react. But for that, it is a good one.

Vijay TV s “Ungalil yaar aduththa Prabu Deva”
I happened to watch this very recently. Though this has got inspired from other shows for creating some “drama” on the sets now and then, some people dance really well. Esp. compared to other dance shows where people just show off their chemistry and keep showing off their horrible “figures” wearing stupid clothes. (Atleast they can look into the mirror before wearing revealing clothes )

The list of dumb, idiotic reality shows is a big one… to mention a few…
Sun TV s “Jodi Porutham”
This tops the list of shows that I hate. I can’t even see the ad for this one. Real life couples come on this show and they hug / kiss each other. And trust me, this keeps improving as each week passes… If everything can be done in public, what is privacy? I know, these thoughts are very conservative . But this is how lots of people in TamilNadu are and how can you telecast such rubbish? Talk about people who are doing this… just to win some cash and jewellery. Ah!

Sun TV s “Asaththa Povathu Yaaru”
Vetti show! People come on stage (but for a rare one or two) and do crap… No, you cant laugh at such horrible things… like a guy dressing up as a girl(with cheap make up and pathetic costume) and dancing.

Vijay TV s “Jodi No 1”
Heights of Drama… lots of sleezy moves and revealing costumes and cheeky comments and (obviously) tears and tears !!!

Vijay TV s “Super Singer”
This show has good talent. But sometimes, the dramatization is just too much… esp in the initial rounds, people crying and shouting … was just not tolerable. But if they cut the crap, the talent is really nice.

Well, that is all for now...

Friday, December 12, 2008

My karthigai! :)


And this is how my day went on while celebrating karthigai all on my own.

I made more kozhambu (with "pakodi" thaan), beans paruppusili, lemon rasam, tomato pachadi, cucumber salad and ulundhu vadai.
My first venture with making special items :). It went on well, except for some "flop shows" now and then... But at the end, I was happy with the result!

I would rate vadai to be (s)/(b)addest thing of all.... as I m no expert in this line! But paruppusili was nice... as I ve made it many times now.

And in the evening, my venture with appam started. The only trick here is to get the correct "padam" (consistency), which I didnt know!

So, I started making appams which came like boondis... Just as I was about to give up after 4-5 attempts, I thought, let me give it one last try and Here! I got it... was so happy. Made about 15 appams. Then had to light diyas and pray God for a "bright" future and then the best part of it! eating those appams... Frankly yaar, not bad...:)

Overall, this was an eventful karthigai. :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vaaranam aayiram - songs...

The songs are really nice and refreshing... lyrics by one of my fav lyricist, Thamarai.

Lot of songs have a beautiful tune (by Harris J)

lyrics in "Anjale" song r very very nice

Music & lyrics in "mundhinam paartheney" r lovely... and not to forget "adiye kolluthey" (guitar is just awesome)

"Nenjukkul..." is hummable and soft one

I keep humming these tunes throughout the day... very cute ones! :)

These do help me to relax and enjoy great music!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am scared!

I am scared!
If it can happen in Mumbai, why not in my place?
Yesterday when I was coming back in train, I was thinking..."what if people are waiting in the station with guns?" Cant help it. It can happen.

After Mumbai attacks, fear rules everywhere.

Corruption has led us here. Corrupt people and people who think intelligence reports are waste have led us here.

But the politicians are very careful about their safety. They just make sure that even their nails are well protected... and common people, forget them, we need them just during the elections.

I remember, I was once walking on the LB road in adyar. I was walking on a platform after coming out of a shop. The policeman nearby suddenly stopped me and asked me to be right where I was. I didnt understand. Hello! I am just walking. Then I noticed that the CM was going to come near this place.

You allow terrorists(not to forget their AK 47 and Hand grenades) inside the country and you stop a common man from walking on the road. Salute your bravery sir!

I know it is not an easy joke to control terrorism. But what are we doing? More than the policemen, these politicians irritate me. They are hardly bothered. Something like this happens, these people just go and resign. What an awesome solution to the problem.

Sick! Absolutely sick.

Well, end of the day, it is our safety that matters to us and their safety to them!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Yeh hai Mumbai meri jaan...

Got reminded of the song...
"Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Jeena Yahan
Zara Hatke zara bachke, yeh hai Mumbai meri Jaan"
(roughly translated it means - It is tough to live here in Mumbai)

Salute to the brave hearts in Mumbai and tribute to those who gave their lives to save people.

What shocks me is just the "HOW" about this incident.
I mean what went wrong with the system? HOW could this happen in our country?

Let's search for answers for this...

Will blog more about this in my next post.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


It s a SONY!

We have (finally) bought an LCD!
This had been under discussion for about more than a year... and here comes the most awaited thing! :)

Bought a V Series Bravia - 32 inches from E Zone.
And this blog is not to brag about my new TV , but about how tough buying a TV was.

We heard about this new shop called E Zone (in OMR) and went to see LCD and since it had been a long time after we had decided to buy, we were confident about booking it the same day.
So, on 9th, we zeroed on this TV (after much confusion about Samsung / Sony) and booked it.
We were told the delivery will be made on 11th. And we left the showroom.

12th Nov - TV not arrived yet! So, we call the store people and they say "we ll give it in half an hour" about 5 times in the same day

13th Nov - We go to the showroom and ask about the status. Someone notes down our address in a bit paper and we are assured about delivery in couple of days

15th Nov - Still no TV, we call up the manager and shout at him. One hour later we get a call and a person asks for our address. (probably to note down on a bit paper)

16th Nov - Again, we go to the store and 4 people surround us and calm us down, again assuring the delivery in a couple of days.

18th Nov - GOT IT !

19th Nov - Now... the installation. We are told it ll be done on 19th Night before 10 PM. As expected, no one turned up

20th Nov - We go to the store and complain, the manager assures of installation in couple of days.

21st Nov - We get a call, asking for our address (again!) well... We go to the store and ask them the status, we find our address written in the book three times with different names (OMG!!!!)

22nd Nov - A person calls our mobile and says "Sir, Can I have your contact number?". We say, "well, it is the same number that you have called". He says "Ok sir, Thank you very much"

what more can i say about their efficiency


Well, blame it on the shop which was opened recently or their inefficient system or the managers with zero commitment or the other staff (who were least bothered) , this experience was truly "LIKE.NO.OTHER"

Thursday, November 13, 2008

நானும் - மின்சார ரயில் பயணமும்

நான் மின்சார தினமும் பார்க்கும் சில காட்சிகள்
இது கதையும் இல்லை, கவிதையும் இல்லை ...

நான் போகும் மின்சார ரயிலில் தான் எத்தனை விதமான மனிதர்கள்
அவ்வளவு கூட்டத்திலும் தனக்கென்று ஒரு அடையாளம் தேடும் மனிதர்கள்
ஒரு மாலை வேளையில், நான் கவனித்த சிலர் பற்றி ஒரு தொகுப்பு

பயணம் செய்யும் நேரம் வீணடிக்காமல் செய்தித்தாள் படிக்கும் சிலர்
நேரம் வீணானாலும் ஆகட்டும் என்று வேடிக்கை பார்க்கும் சிலர்
கல்லூரியில் நடந்த சண்டையை பற்றி தோழிகளுடன் பேசும் சிலர்
குடும்பத்தில் உள்ள பிரச்சனைகள் பற்றி நண்பர்களோடு பகிர்ந்துகொள்ளும் சிலர்

உள்ளே இடம் இருந்தும் கதவு அருகே தொங்கும் சிலர்
தன்னிடம் இருக்கும் கைபேசியில் ஊரறிய கத்தும் சிலர்
"இன்று இரவு வீட்டில் என்ன சமையல்" என யோசிக்கும் சிலர்
தன் குழந்தை பள்ளி முடிந்து வீடு வந்து விட்டதா என கவலையோடு சிலர்

நாளை எப்படி இருக்கும் என கவலையோடு போகும் தின கூலிகள் சிலர்
தன்னிடம் உள்ள "சமோசா"வினை கூவி கூவி விற்கும் சிலர்
"அந்த காலத்துல ..." என்று தொடங்கி பழங்கதை பேசும் சிலர்
பெண்களை பார்த்து "சைட்" அடிப்பதற்கென்றே வரும் சிலர்

இவற்றை தவிர, நான் கவனித்த சில விஷயங்கள்
* ரயிலில் இருக்கும் மின் விசிறி சுற்றாவிட்டால், தன் பேனா அல்லது தன் சீப்பால் அதை சுழற்ற முயற்சி செய்து, முடிவில் நொந்து போகும் "ஆபிசர்கள்"
* ரயிலில் இருக்கும் அந்த மின் விளக்கை கூண்டுக்குள் அடைத்து வைத்திருக்கிறார்கள். அவ்வளவு நம்பிக்கை மக்கள் மீது !
* சில தாத்தாகளை புரிந்துகொள்ளவே முடியவில்லை. இருக்குற வயசுலே சும்மா இல்லாம கதவு கிட்டே நிக்க வேண்டியது. ஒரு பொண்ணு, அவரோட பேத்தி வயசுலே இருந்தாலும், பார்த்தவுடன், சீப்பை எடுத்து தலையை சீவ வேண்டியது (தலையில் முடி இருக்காது- அது வேறு விஷயம்) ... என்ன கொடுமை சார் இது?

Monday, November 10, 2008


Ya, again, I went to a restaurant.

People who know me well, will also know my addiction towards hotels and experimenting with new hotels.

This time, on my 3rd wedding anniversary, I had a surprise as I was taken to a hotel, where I've always wanted to go. PERGOLA! Though I have been to The Accord Metropolitan, the roof top was a new place.

The place had a great ambience... the lighting and the interiors were very nice. The view was just excellent and the light breeze just added to the "perfect roof top dinner" atmosphere.

I didn't expect the food to be great and so it was... Very moderate. I had ordered a veg kabab platter.(They had some kabab festival there) The starters were not upto the mark. The main course that followed was more than what I expected. The biriyani was yummy and so were the 3 side dishes. The dessert was baaaaaad. But anyways, in such hotels, I ve never found food to be great. (See, if u want good food then u should go to places like Palimar, Mouthful, Sandeepa, Dhaba Express, Wangs Kitchen, Cascade etc. etc.) So, the dinner was overall very nice and enjoyable. The place was so nice that we spent about 2 hours there (inspite of the fact that food was not good !!)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Something called "Aegan"

See, we didn't do this intentionally. We just happened to go for this movie AEGAN...And then started the sad story. The director seems to have got confused... like to be or not to be... "to copy Main Hoon Na(MHN) or not to copy MHN".

The movie starts with something different than MHN... but don't ask me what. The starting 15 minutes are totally dumb. Then, someone realises that "Oh! this movie should be a remake of MHN" and then comes the remake part of Ajith as student. Then they must have felt. "Oh ok, enough of MHN, let us do some original stuff". So, some college scenes are shown, which seem to have NO relevance. And after sometime, again "ok, now, let's copy MHN". then comes Nayantara in Sush's character... Then, again realisation to stay away from MHN, so some illogical stuff again.... and so on and so forth.... this process continues till the end... So, u can imagine how we must have felt.

I just don't understand...what is happening???
1) When u think the movie is going to end, Suhasini drops in from Nowhere... just for sentimental reasons.
2) BILLA Hangover continues.... not only for Ajith (he s looking good in this movie) but for the villain and all his subordinates... Wearing coat suit and sun glasses all the time. Sick!
3) The villain Suman was looking very very unnatural. His hair(style) was bad!
4) The guy with villain (Sreeman, i think) ... was he trying to be a comedian or villain.??!??
5) What was Navdeep doing in the movie? His performance in Arindhum Ariyaamalum was nice and here he was totally wasted. He was there only because someone had to fell the role from MHN
6) Pia is nice and bubbly... But too full of emotions, esp when she cries. She looks good when she smiles and that is all about her.
7) Jayaram and Sathyan, two of my fav. comedians had nothing to do in the movie, other than cracking some jokes(which were not JOKES!) and TRYING HARD to be funny... all in vain.
8) Songs are a big minus... nothing even hummable. The title song is a big big mess.

Final Verdict : Don't u dare watch this.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


So, it all started with the preparation for my dad's Sashtiapthapoorthi... (For those who ve never heard this term before, it s the celebration of 60th Birthday).

Since this is so similar to the usual weddings, it had all the fun & hectic elements of shopping, meeting people, distribution of gifts, arranging for the mandapam, cook, vaathiyaar etc. etc.

The previous day was what I was waiting for as I had been asked to arrange for cultural programs... So, I brought some of my talented cousins on stage and it was amazing to note how some of them performed... Mr. K was amazing with his mimicry and dance! Then we had dinner followed by Tambola... Then my cousin Ms.P started off with her Mehendi talents...

After a very very minimal sleep for 4 hours, the next day started off.

Then we had the rituals that are followed for wedding.

Then a wonderful lunch and then... pack up!

The whole event was so much fun! Some of the relatives had come home before the function. It was just great to meet people after a long time!!

After this, we had a temple trip to our native. The whole thing was very nice... but very tiring too!! Then, one day, we had a Cousins' getogether... Details follow in the some other post later...:)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A li'l bit of this... & a bit of that

First about the occasion... It was a family getogether and i became very close to a whole bunch of people! Time passed so soon and before I knew, I was back... with the usual routine...
The next weekend was with my school friends... we had tons and tons of things to catch up! and as usual, pulling J's leg and chatting with Bets after ages! It was such a memorable day!
And then... here I was surfing the TV channels... as I had a break before making Rotis for dinner.... I watched a soap on Sony TV... In 5 minutes ( no exaggeration) the following things happened with the "Heroine" of the serial...
1. Her husband had a fight with her and left her.
2. Her Father in law was scolding her.
3. Her son was about to be murdered.
4. Her daughter was kidnapped.
Oh oh! How much can this poor lady take? And so, there were load of close up shots and slow music and lots and lots of tears.
Do these people think women HAVE to get all the sorrows in the world???
I could just not tolerate it! Cant understand how these serials become a HIT!
Bye for now...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Time for another Family Get together...
I enjoy this part of life... With so many relatives around me, there s always something or the other happening here!
It s so nice to meet all the relatives and esp. if we get along well with them.
This time it was so so so much fun that I got exhausted... never felt like leaving the place.
Will write in detail in my next post.
See ya!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Life... As I see it

I never used to believe that life is all about how we look at it... until recently.

Couple of months back, my mood was OFF and I started get bored of everything. And everything seemed to be a irritating... Right from traveling to office to coming home and making / having dinner... everything seemed so monotonous and boring that I got bugged (obviously!)

So after sometime, when my frustration was at its peak, I looked at my past few days and realised...that THIS is not the real ME. Ya, I was just not being myself and then I started to put an effort to bring back the real ME.

So, I started to observe things happening around me and started thinking how funny things can be... Something like... Listening to conversations ( and observing people.
Here, I would like to mention about a conversation I heard between two ladies ( From what they were talking, I think they were working as English teachers in some school.
(Listen, I dont do evesdropping, but they were talking aloud sitting next to me... So, could not help it!)
Their conversation had such a bad standard of English... I was shocked.
"U got it aaah"
"They came aaah"
So on and so forth!
Imagine what kind of English they ll be teaching in classes... Hopeless!
And I met a girl who was dressed and behaving like a PETER... when she started talking in English, again, the same hopeless stuff .. "I sawed" (she meant "saw") "I cutted" etc etc...
So, coming back to the topic, (finally!!) I realised how much fun I was missing...
It s so simple, if nothing special happens that day, I ll just imagine the lady sitting next to me in train with a moustache and this will be enough to make me laugh! (OK... I know this doesnt sound funny, but just try this with strangers and you'll know!)
And like SRK says in Om Shanti Om... "Happys Endings!"
NOTE : For those who are reading this line... Thanks... You seem to have lots of patience :). Cos I know this one has lot of "mokkais". Anyways, Keep it up!! Hee haa haa...

Kangal Irandaal!

This is my latest favourite song. From the movie Subramaniyapuram...
The song is so mesmerising... Nice lyrics and catchy tone. If you know Tamil, try listening to this!
I feel this song resembles "Then merku paruva kaatru...", still I enjoyed it! :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rain Rain... Dont go away!

Today evening, when it was drizzling, I just peeped out of the balcony and was thinking ... "Wish I could get wet in the rain. It s been really long!" But then, it ll be so kiddish if I go down just to get drenched!
So, after sometime, I HAD to go outside. But it stopped raining by then. So, I went to the shop. I just started from the shop and guess what... It was pouring ! Rain... and I had to walk ten minutes to go home! So, my dream came true! And I came back and had a hot hot cup of tea!
It was so nice... I never thought I ll enjoy this sooooooooo much!
A memorable evening ! Well, to be frank, another memorable evening!

Bye for now!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Dasavathaaram... again!

So, here s my long pending post of a fuuuuul review..
As I said before...This movie is a showcase of Kamal's intelligence / talent .
But I observed some points when I watched this for the second time.

1) Asin was IRRITATING this time. I just could not stand her voice ... shouting PERUMAALE PERUMAALE.

2) The character of Andaal was portrayed as a very selfish one.
(i) For instance, when Fletcher shot Avatar Singh, she was not even bothered about anything other than the Idol... she took it and ran away.
(ii) Also, when Khalifulla khan s mother was being admitted in hospital, she was bothered about the blood stains in her dress.
(iii) Though Govind has told her many times that Fletcher is a bad guy, she fails to understand that and helps him to go in search of Govind.(in the hospital)
(iv) She s shown to be toooo much conscious about the cast of people ... always talking about this looked bad.
I guess Kamal did all this for 2 reasons. show him as a great character... a very good person and Two, his bad opinion about pious / religious people.

3) Kamal is extra ordinary in dubbing... Notice the places where 2 /3 Kamal(s) talk... His voice modulation is very nice

4) Note the scenes when Asin does not give the Idol to Govind... I felt so bugged... why could he just not slap on her face and get the idol back? But (may be) it was their "poorva jenma" (previous birth) connection!

5) Balram Baidu is just too Hilarious... Could not help laughing whenever he comes on the screen!

6) Kamal should have avoided the scenes in which Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi appeared. He could have just put anyone as a CM ( like other Tamil movies). Same to Manmohan Singh also.
There is so much time gap between Tsunami and Karunanidhi being the CM... If he would have avoided showing them, it would have been a lot better

7) Why did he make fun of Bush in the last scene by dancing on the stage? Here also, he could have been refered as a President, instead of Bush. In many scenes, this character was made very dumb (eg. "what is NaCl" and "If it is complicated, leave it.")

But all said and done, I feel like watching this movie again... It s not just a movie, it s an experience... I really like the screenplay and the whole package... We will always comment on any kind of movie... But I guess only Kamal can do this... who else can take a movie on such topics like butterfly effct / chaos theory?

I heard a lot of people didnt like the movie. But I dont understand why! On asking, I got explanations like... "The movie makes u think so much" "It s too Hi Fi" "It should have been like Sivaji.. with Masala and Timepass" well well well, its always an individuals' opinion and my opinion is This is a movie which has crossed the boundaries of usual Tamil Cinema... with Hero loves Heroine / Villian Opposes etc etc... This movie is a Class - this will always stand Unique!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dasavatharam - THE movie

A nice, gripping movie.

Not for people who want only "masala" and timepass...

It s KAMAL KAMAL and KAMAL everywhere!

Being a Kamal Fan, I was waiting to watch this one! and enjoyed every bit of it!

Going to see it for the second time this weekend!

Nothing much to review about it... (Hmmm, maybe I ll have lots to write after watching it for the second time... )

Some observations

- Make up was not upto mark for some characters eg. Paati and Fletcher

- Graphic goofups - Some scenes had too much of "Low quality" graphics Eg. Tsunami scenes

- Other than these things, everything is a plus... The screenplay is good. The story is interesting.


Will post after watching the movie for the second time!

Till then,

Bye :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Real estate - Chennai

Prices are going up up and away from our reach here in Chennai.
I dont know how long these things will last...
Lot of people are suffering cos of this... I ve read about a family struggling for a house for rent in Chennai. Their current landlord was asking them to leave the house as they got people who will give 10 thousand while this family was giving only 6 thousand. They are now having a tough time looking for a new house as the rental rates are just beyond their reach. (their income per month is 8,500). Imagine, family earning 8,500 is finding it difficult to find a place to stay... what about people earning less than that???
Life is so good when it is the usual. Get up in the morning, have breakfast, go to work, come back, have dinner and sleep.
While reading this article, I was thinking how much we have been blessed with. I mean, we dont have to worry about existence... we only think about how to live better.
Hope things change. No idea how this problem is going to be solved.
But I believe that "All bad things have an end"
Let s hope for a better tomorrow... :)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Hmmm... missing my Hex Friends

My good friends.... leaving the town one by one...
First it was Asha... Hope n Desire!
Then Nisha, CSK, Srikant, Debas....
Now, such a small group is left behind! Me, Haseena, Sumi, Deepak and Vinu!
Will always treasure sweet memories of this gang!!
Miss u yaar(s)!!


Friday, May 23, 2008

Wah ! Kya analysis hai!

Have been observing some people talk over the phone.... this is how it goes.
2:Hey, what happened, I've been trying to talk to u... why s your number busy?
1: Oh had u called? but my number was not busy...
2: Is it? I kept on trying your number since.... about couple of hours.
1: hmmm i spoke to XYZ about an hour back
2: oh ok... then maybe I called u an hour back... I don't remember exactly.
So, u were talking to XYZ... how long?
1: well, may be for ten minutes
2: Then why didn't I get the line?
1: May be u dialed some other number
2: Not possible... I have stored the number... I even checked the call history (!!!amazing eh??)
and this conversation goes on for an hour and finally, no one knows why 2 called to talk to 1!!
PS: I did this analysis during my journey in train... Initially, I used to listen to FM radio during the 30 mts journey... but then I realised that I was missing lots of fun by not listening to these "interesting" things happening around me!! So, happy travelling!! Hee hee... :)

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Friends... college friends... rings a bell?

This brings in my mind so many faces... half of which, I remember very vaguely.

Some of these faces, still bring a smile on my face.

I made such nice friends and I am really proud of my friends...

Pram... she had called up last week... She s one of my very very good friends... Though we are of opposite types... we still share such a nice friendship.

Pinky... We dont meet much, but talk to each other often now. She s very short and hot tempered but a very loving and caring person at heart. We had so much fun in college... even those short tea breaks, juice breaks... ice cream evenings...movies... so much fun!

Then my bus gang... Bhuvana, Suku, Manjari, Daya, J Suganya... had a whole lot of fun in van / bus/ whatever mode of transport... We still keep meeting and cracking stupid jokes (most of them by "ME"). I keep getting scolded and hit by all of them.

And the list just goes on ....

So many nice memories to be recollected. Ya, and I am so happy to have such nice friends!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yaaradi Nee Mohini

If anyone you know is going for a tamil movie called"Yaaradi Nee Mohini", please ask them not to. I went for the movie and had a horrible headache for couple of days.

It s a biggggg bore...The story is just the usual... guy sees girl --> falls in love --> girl not interested. Reason??? She s engaged and (what a turning point) to the guy's best friend! And then what happens is a very gripping(hee hee)climax.(As if we dont know... obviously, the hero ought to win the girl's heart...So what if it s just the day before her wedding).

The suspense in the climax is completely lost as we know that Dhanush will marry Nayanthara for 2 good reasons

1. Tamil sentiment - should never marry another person when your heart is with someone else (PS - this rule applies ONLY for the heroines)

2.The hero s friend is Karthik kumar. Such people never get to marry the heroines when they play second hero ( vineet, abbas and lots of people who play "America maapillai" and this Karthikkumar too in "Alaipaayuthey").

Lots of serious scenes are made comical. Samples of some things which made this movie pathetic to the core. (Please note, i cant put in every bad thing in the movie... cos that s the whole script!)

1. Never knew that getting through GD and interview were so easy.You should watch how Dhanush passes through all therounds - nice imagination

2. Dhanush is a genius (suddenly). Initially, he is shown as a guy who s never passed any company's interview. And here he comes to SSI andfixes a bug which NO ONE could fix.How? By reading some books... cool na!!!???!!!

3. Our second hero - Mr. KK - His role is so stupid.He finds his fiance hugging his friend (C'mon, there was a thunder !!!) He just smiles and walks off... Very very dumb. The whole theatre was laughing at his character...

4. This character of a small girl who falls in love with Dhanush... irritating to the core... She had every bit of over acting... over reacting... which spoilt an already spoilt movie.

5. I expected some comedy from Dhanush + Karunas like some old movies... total disappointment.

6. Songs... eeeeeeeeks. No comments.
My Humble (final) verdict.

Changes ...


Am enjoying my new mode of transport these days...Electric train.
From Tambaram to Kodambakkam... in just 30 mts. It s so nice. The only problem I had was the crowd. That got solved once I got a first class pass.

Hmmm... here starts summer. So, am travelling a bit earlier than usual to avoid the heat.

Life is just going great!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Rain Rain ... Dont go away!

So nice today!

I m enjoying the rain here. It s pouring very heavily and I m having a hot cup of coffee in my balcony!
Have been yearning for this for so many days....

Just put the curtains for this house... looks more beautiful now!

Will post some snaps soon.

K.... I ll go and continue with my coffee and write a new post later today!

Bye for now...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I m back

Too bad.... no posts for more than 2 months... shame!
Ok enough of scolding myself, let me get back to my work...
We just shifted to our new flat. Near Tambaram.
Getting used to the new place. (Just got the internet connected)
The apartment is nice. around 30 families must have shifted here out of 240 flats...
Am yet to make friends here. Everyone seems to be busy with their daily routine. So, have not got time to make friends yet....

Have started using trains for my daily transport. Nice experience so far.
Prabu finds it very easy to go to his office from here.
Let s see how things work out here.
Will update more later.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year!

Happy 2008 friends.

May all (y)our wishes and dreams come true this year.

Keep smiling always!