Sunday, May 4, 2008


Friends... college friends... rings a bell?

This brings in my mind so many faces... half of which, I remember very vaguely.

Some of these faces, still bring a smile on my face.

I made such nice friends and I am really proud of my friends...

Pram... she had called up last week... She s one of my very very good friends... Though we are of opposite types... we still share such a nice friendship.

Pinky... We dont meet much, but talk to each other often now. She s very short and hot tempered but a very loving and caring person at heart. We had so much fun in college... even those short tea breaks, juice breaks... ice cream evenings...movies... so much fun!

Then my bus gang... Bhuvana, Suku, Manjari, Daya, J Suganya... had a whole lot of fun in van / bus/ whatever mode of transport... We still keep meeting and cracking stupid jokes (most of them by "ME"). I keep getting scolded and hit by all of them.

And the list just goes on ....

So many nice memories to be recollected. Ya, and I am so happy to have such nice friends!


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  1. why didnt you mention anything about the guys who are in your college???