Friday, May 23, 2008

Wah ! Kya analysis hai!

Have been observing some people talk over the phone.... this is how it goes.
2:Hey, what happened, I've been trying to talk to u... why s your number busy?
1: Oh had u called? but my number was not busy...
2: Is it? I kept on trying your number since.... about couple of hours.
1: hmmm i spoke to XYZ about an hour back
2: oh ok... then maybe I called u an hour back... I don't remember exactly.
So, u were talking to XYZ... how long?
1: well, may be for ten minutes
2: Then why didn't I get the line?
1: May be u dialed some other number
2: Not possible... I have stored the number... I even checked the call history (!!!amazing eh??)
and this conversation goes on for an hour and finally, no one knows why 2 called to talk to 1!!
PS: I did this analysis during my journey in train... Initially, I used to listen to FM radio during the 30 mts journey... but then I realised that I was missing lots of fun by not listening to these "interesting" things happening around me!! So, happy travelling!! Hee hee... :)

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