Friday, October 11, 2013

Onaayum Balakumaarum!!

Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum Vs Idharkuthane Aasaipattai Balakumara

First OA

It did not have most of the things that the usual masala stuff...
Almost for 70% of the movie, I was clueless about the story. But still, the screenplay was so nice and story was so gripping, that time just flew...

Great one by Mysskin.

I have liked his Anjaathey and Yutham Sei. But OA is just too good.

Mysskin - The actor and director
Shaji - Amazing acting. Just perfect for the role
Raja - Great BGM
Sri - Another good one from him, after "vazhakku yen 18/9"
Screenplay - Special mention , again for Mysskin for making an intense, gripping, no-nonsense movie... Keeping our interest for 3 hours is not an easy joke!!

Nothing about the movie...
This movie is not getting the attention it deserves.
Like all Mysskin s movies, I think this one will also not do too well ....
Guess,only "mokkai" movies will do well at the theatres...

Talking about mokkai... we come to IAB... the next movie
This was just what a movie should not be..

I don't remember the last time I saw a movie this bad...
It was just a big headache.

It starts with a hilarious track of Sumaar Moonji Kumar(Vijay Sethupathy).... Oh sorry, did I say hilarious? I meant supposed-to-be-hilarious.... Pasupathy, Robo Shankar and Pattimandram raja ... try to make this an ROFL comedy scene... But sathiyama solren, it only starts a headache... Lets say, this is level 1 headache....(1 being least)
Whenever Vijay Sethupathy says "Kumudha Happy", I wanted to scream... Not me!! Yennaala mudile...
I am not sure how irritated the heroine was... But the hero's tactics and idea of romance were just %^%O&*JHB%... Phew!!

Then, comes the track of Bala...
I don't know what was happening... but this seemed to be the longest movie . I thought they forgot to give a break during the interval... But no no no!!  This track with the bank and their lies... Just clueless about what is happening (Yenna da solla vareenga???) Headache reaches level 2

Now , we have a track happening in the bar... Nothing much to say about this except, headache level 3.

Now, comes the best ... chi chi... worst part... The one with painter rajendran... Aiyo aiyo... I was forced to bang my head against the wall...

I had so much hopes with this movie... I just wanted to laugh ... But no...It just kept getting worse... And now, we have this don's wife... Parotta Suri....Worshhhht track ever...  Now, headache reaches a level, which cannot be tracked!

The ending... speechless...

I found this in rediff review..
"Amidst all the fun and boozing, director Gokul has also cleverly managed to give an important social message through the film."

I was like... what???
Anyways, let me get to summarizing

You got to be kidding me

1. First, please don't make a crappy movie... and if you do, stop trying to become a hero by adding a social message, completely dumb... You make a movie, in which 90% of the characters drink booze 90% of the time and at the end, you say why people should not drink... What????

2.If you have a ten minutes script, please make a short film for "Naalaya Iyakkunar".Don't make it a 3 hours long movie. 

3. What is the story that is being told? The whole story line has so many characters .... Mokkai dialogues and irritating screenplay...

4. Someone needs to teach the director not to take any joke too far. Some scenes (I mean one or two) are hilarious for the first time. But you obviously cant laugh for the same joke when you hear it for the 5th time !!

5. Don't call this movie a comedy - in fact, don't call this a movie ....please!