Monday, December 21, 2009

train, travel and tickets!

I just love my daily travel in the electric train. Initially, I thought of listening to music / reading books while travelling, but later, I stopped all that and now, I just enjoy looking at things around me...

What I have noticed many times is, people getting into a First Class compartment in a hurry and then they would rush to the next compartment in the next station.

There was this couple who once boarded the FC compartment, without looking at the board. Then a person standing near the door told the man, "Sir, ithu first class." The lady was just getting ready to get down. The man told her to wait. He said, unless someone comes for checking, we wont have any problem. Now, the guy who warned them, got angry.... actually, he was the person who was checking tickets and they had to pay heavy fine...

Ithu romba thevaiya?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Excuse me...

Needless to say, I ve been a terrible blogger of late... but let me start now... better late than never.

I saw the movie 2012... after a big struggle to get tickets... I enjoyed the movie.
Dont know how far it is true... but if something like that happened, how would it be???

Anyways, it just set me thinking (pls dont laugh yaar, I THINK OK?)
So here s my list of what I would want to do in case someone gives a guarantee that world IS going to end..

1. Visit / call, all my friends and relatives
2. Venice.... I want to see this place just once... :)
3. Watch some movies which have been pending since long

And... well, cant think of much at the moment.

Do comment with what you ll do... (I know this is a very pessimistic idea... but it s ok...what say?)

And then, lot of updates here.
As some of you would know, I am crazy with this Farmville. (though now I am not as addicted as I used to be).
I guess this may be one of the reasons for less blogging!

And I went to some new restaurants (as usual) I just love going to new places and trying out the food there
I went to Crimson Chakra (Adyar), Blur cafe (Satyam), Tandoori Tadka (T Nagar), Flamingo (Velachery), Centre Point (OMR).... etc
Guess, I should start writing reviews in a separate blog (haa haa)

And with this year coming to an end, I (again) been lamenting about how fast time flies... but every new year has another happiness tagged to it.. My Birthday in Jan... I am still crazy about my birthday... Dont know why... I still love the excitement attached to it.

Well, I guess enough of a "nothing-much-to-write-about" blog! Will try to post something "proper" next time. I said "try to" OK? :)

B Bye,