Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A li'l bit of this... & a bit of that

First about the occasion... It was a family getogether and i became very close to a whole bunch of people! Time passed so soon and before I knew, I was back... with the usual routine...
The next weekend was with my school friends... we had tons and tons of things to catch up! and as usual, pulling J's leg and chatting with Bets after ages! It was such a memorable day!
And then... here I was surfing the TV channels... as I had a break before making Rotis for dinner.... I watched a soap on Sony TV... In 5 minutes ( no exaggeration) the following things happened with the "Heroine" of the serial...
1. Her husband had a fight with her and left her.
2. Her Father in law was scolding her.
3. Her son was about to be murdered.
4. Her daughter was kidnapped.
Oh oh! How much can this poor lady take? And so, there were load of close up shots and slow music and lots and lots of tears.
Do these people think women HAVE to get all the sorrows in the world???
I could just not tolerate it! Cant understand how these serials become a HIT!
Bye for now...


  1. Good to hear the you are back to "ME" that you mentioned some of your previous posts...

    One think that you have to understand from this serial world is ... Only women can make the serial hit and i didn't heard any serial where they talk about men and it got hit... So it all starts from women and ends with women.. he he ... :-)

  2. Jegu, I agree that most of the stories are about (sad) women. But I feel that the audience also includes men who feel so happy on seeing a women cry! I mean, the audience is not just women... Note that most of the story writers and directors are MEN!! :)