Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am scared!

I am scared!
If it can happen in Mumbai, why not in my place?
Yesterday when I was coming back in train, I was thinking..."what if people are waiting in the station with guns?" Cant help it. It can happen.

After Mumbai attacks, fear rules everywhere.

Corruption has led us here. Corrupt people and people who think intelligence reports are waste have led us here.

But the politicians are very careful about their safety. They just make sure that even their nails are well protected... and common people, forget them, we need them just during the elections.

I remember, I was once walking on the LB road in adyar. I was walking on a platform after coming out of a shop. The policeman nearby suddenly stopped me and asked me to be right where I was. I didnt understand. Hello! I am just walking. Then I noticed that the CM was going to come near this place.

You allow terrorists(not to forget their AK 47 and Hand grenades) inside the country and you stop a common man from walking on the road. Salute your bravery sir!

I know it is not an easy joke to control terrorism. But what are we doing? More than the policemen, these politicians irritate me. They are hardly bothered. Something like this happens, these people just go and resign. What an awesome solution to the problem.

Sick! Absolutely sick.

Well, end of the day, it is our safety that matters to us and their safety to them!



  1. Yes you are correct... We can't live up thsese politicians.. But at the same time it's our responsibility not to give bribe and not to vote for these politicians... Again it's not an easy to change the politics it started 50 years back and it's like a cancer now. Even now everyone starting blaming others for this blast not even think about how to protect from thest kind of attacks in the future. It's really bad... I really feel bad about the people who died in that incident.. I wish their soul will rest in peace..

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  3. Yes Jegu. U r right.
    Really feel sorry for those who died.

  4. Kudos Prabha... You are absolutely right...

  5. U are right prabha... these politicians take care of their safety but when it comes to the public they are not able to answer a single question. U must have seen what happened to the Sena group (Raj Thakrey) ..
    As you had a situation, I too face it on a daily basisn. My office is located near the CM's house and every time he comes to his home, I see nearly ten gurads with AK 47 running along with the CM;s car , several other polcie van's following his car which is also bullet proofed.
    But for a common man .. not even a good shirt to wear

  6. Its certainly sad for what happened in Mumbai, but i am probably seeing it bringing the much awaited awakening across India. Hope this spirit does not die and the wave cleans up the long dirted politics and politicians. Its time we take it up and take India fwd into the future and yet protect its rich heritage and culture.

    Cheers India.