Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reality shows... Really??

I don't understand the whole point in calling these shows "reality". How much is the reality in these shows is a big big question.

But I should mention that there are some programs which are "talent" shows.

First about the good ones (only in Tamil channels)

Jaya TV s “Yennodu paatu paadungal”
This SPB s show is my fav. Neat one. No exaggerations. The way SPB gives his comments is also nice. This one is a show which, for a change, has lot of reality and almost zero nonsense.

Vijay TV s “kalakka povathu yaaru”
This show was very nice, bringing in good talented people (most of whom moved to other channels later). But what I didn’t like was these small kids who are brought to this show. It s really sad. These kids are made to over act and over react. But for that, it is a good one.

Vijay TV s “Ungalil yaar aduththa Prabu Deva”
I happened to watch this very recently. Though this has got inspired from other shows for creating some “drama” on the sets now and then, some people dance really well. Esp. compared to other dance shows where people just show off their chemistry and keep showing off their horrible “figures” wearing stupid clothes. (Atleast they can look into the mirror before wearing revealing clothes )

The list of dumb, idiotic reality shows is a big one… to mention a few…
Sun TV s “Jodi Porutham”
This tops the list of shows that I hate. I can’t even see the ad for this one. Real life couples come on this show and they hug / kiss each other. And trust me, this keeps improving as each week passes… If everything can be done in public, what is privacy? I know, these thoughts are very conservative . But this is how lots of people in TamilNadu are and how can you telecast such rubbish? Talk about people who are doing this… just to win some cash and jewellery. Ah!

Sun TV s “Asaththa Povathu Yaaru”
Vetti show! People come on stage (but for a rare one or two) and do crap… No, you cant laugh at such horrible things… like a guy dressing up as a girl(with cheap make up and pathetic costume) and dancing.

Vijay TV s “Jodi No 1”
Heights of Drama… lots of sleezy moves and revealing costumes and cheeky comments and (obviously) tears and tears !!!

Vijay TV s “Super Singer”
This show has good talent. But sometimes, the dramatization is just too much… esp in the initial rounds, people crying and shouting … was just not tolerable. But if they cut the crap, the talent is really nice.

Well, that is all for now...

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