Thursday, November 27, 2008


It s a SONY!

We have (finally) bought an LCD!
This had been under discussion for about more than a year... and here comes the most awaited thing! :)

Bought a V Series Bravia - 32 inches from E Zone.
And this blog is not to brag about my new TV , but about how tough buying a TV was.

We heard about this new shop called E Zone (in OMR) and went to see LCD and since it had been a long time after we had decided to buy, we were confident about booking it the same day.
So, on 9th, we zeroed on this TV (after much confusion about Samsung / Sony) and booked it.
We were told the delivery will be made on 11th. And we left the showroom.

12th Nov - TV not arrived yet! So, we call the store people and they say "we ll give it in half an hour" about 5 times in the same day

13th Nov - We go to the showroom and ask about the status. Someone notes down our address in a bit paper and we are assured about delivery in couple of days

15th Nov - Still no TV, we call up the manager and shout at him. One hour later we get a call and a person asks for our address. (probably to note down on a bit paper)

16th Nov - Again, we go to the store and 4 people surround us and calm us down, again assuring the delivery in a couple of days.

18th Nov - GOT IT !

19th Nov - Now... the installation. We are told it ll be done on 19th Night before 10 PM. As expected, no one turned up

20th Nov - We go to the store and complain, the manager assures of installation in couple of days.

21st Nov - We get a call, asking for our address (again!) well... We go to the store and ask them the status, we find our address written in the book three times with different names (OMG!!!!)

22nd Nov - A person calls our mobile and says "Sir, Can I have your contact number?". We say, "well, it is the same number that you have called". He says "Ok sir, Thank you very much"

what more can i say about their efficiency


Well, blame it on the shop which was opened recently or their inefficient system or the managers with zero commitment or the other staff (who were least bothered) , this experience was truly "LIKE.NO.OTHER"


  1. Good One! Nice to read... friendsa veetuku kuputu sapadu podama iruntha... ipdi thaen agum ;)