Monday, November 10, 2008


Ya, again, I went to a restaurant.

People who know me well, will also know my addiction towards hotels and experimenting with new hotels.

This time, on my 3rd wedding anniversary, I had a surprise as I was taken to a hotel, where I've always wanted to go. PERGOLA! Though I have been to The Accord Metropolitan, the roof top was a new place.

The place had a great ambience... the lighting and the interiors were very nice. The view was just excellent and the light breeze just added to the "perfect roof top dinner" atmosphere.

I didn't expect the food to be great and so it was... Very moderate. I had ordered a veg kabab platter.(They had some kabab festival there) The starters were not upto the mark. The main course that followed was more than what I expected. The biriyani was yummy and so were the 3 side dishes. The dessert was baaaaaad. But anyways, in such hotels, I ve never found food to be great. (See, if u want good food then u should go to places like Palimar, Mouthful, Sandeepa, Dhaba Express, Wangs Kitchen, Cascade etc. etc.) So, the dinner was overall very nice and enjoyable. The place was so nice that we spent about 2 hours there (inspite of the fact that food was not good !!)


  1. First of all i didn't know that you have adicted to the hotels.. :)
    Once i have been into Accrord till the first floor (Where the Bar is located.. Not for me :) )and while coming out i went till the last floor in lift to see how fast it was. The lift was faster compare to my company one. I always wanted to go Recidency towers rooftop but i never had a chance. I think more than the food i could imagine that the rooftop would have been more beautiful. And for food i can suggest you to try these items.. Click here Ignore the NV if something was there..

    Please remove the sandeepa from the list of hotels who are providing good foods. I never liked it.. :-( Wangs Kitchen was good...

  2. Thanks for ur comments jegu.
    Well, in sandeepa, some items are good. Maybe people who have non veg may not have a liking towards this place! But, it s one of my fav. for a quick lunch or a budget treat!

  3. there is one Punjabi Dhaba opposite to is great there. But please avoid going there, a colleague ended up losing some 16k, taken by the staff itself...first time i spent an entire evening negotiating with t-nagar crime much for a good lunch..


  4. Sam, I think u r talking about Babbal da dhaba. I ve never been there... Don't feel like going there. No idea why!

  5. i think sandeepa is a vegi hotel.. ????
    The reason i don't like over there is responce time and the food won't be in a heat (rice yellam 2 nalaiku munadi vechamathirye irukum... :( ).. So it won't be fresh... that's the reason..