Saturday, November 1, 2008

Something called "Aegan"

See, we didn't do this intentionally. We just happened to go for this movie AEGAN...And then started the sad story. The director seems to have got confused... like to be or not to be... "to copy Main Hoon Na(MHN) or not to copy MHN".

The movie starts with something different than MHN... but don't ask me what. The starting 15 minutes are totally dumb. Then, someone realises that "Oh! this movie should be a remake of MHN" and then comes the remake part of Ajith as student. Then they must have felt. "Oh ok, enough of MHN, let us do some original stuff". So, some college scenes are shown, which seem to have NO relevance. And after sometime, again "ok, now, let's copy MHN". then comes Nayantara in Sush's character... Then, again realisation to stay away from MHN, so some illogical stuff again.... and so on and so forth.... this process continues till the end... So, u can imagine how we must have felt.

I just don't understand...what is happening???
1) When u think the movie is going to end, Suhasini drops in from Nowhere... just for sentimental reasons.
2) BILLA Hangover continues.... not only for Ajith (he s looking good in this movie) but for the villain and all his subordinates... Wearing coat suit and sun glasses all the time. Sick!
3) The villain Suman was looking very very unnatural. His hair(style) was bad!
4) The guy with villain (Sreeman, i think) ... was he trying to be a comedian or villain.??!??
5) What was Navdeep doing in the movie? His performance in Arindhum Ariyaamalum was nice and here he was totally wasted. He was there only because someone had to fell the role from MHN
6) Pia is nice and bubbly... But too full of emotions, esp when she cries. She looks good when she smiles and that is all about her.
7) Jayaram and Sathyan, two of my fav. comedians had nothing to do in the movie, other than cracking some jokes(which were not JOKES!) and TRYING HARD to be funny... all in vain.
8) Songs are a big minus... nothing even hummable. The title song is a big big mess.

Final Verdict : Don't u dare watch this.

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  1. I think your post was little bit late or may be i am late to see this. I have already seen this movie and that too in laptop and it's totally a crap.

    By the way you were tying to say something very bad out this movie and i coudln't understand fully. Nothing is fault from your side and it's all because of the movie.
    he he :-) ...