Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Dasavatharam - THE movie

A nice, gripping movie.

Not for people who want only "masala" and timepass...

It s KAMAL KAMAL and KAMAL everywhere!

Being a Kamal Fan, I was waiting to watch this one! and enjoyed every bit of it!

Going to see it for the second time this weekend!

Nothing much to review about it... (Hmmm, maybe I ll have lots to write after watching it for the second time... )

Some observations

- Make up was not upto mark for some characters eg. Paati and Fletcher

- Graphic goofups - Some scenes had too much of "Low quality" graphics Eg. Tsunami scenes

- Other than these things, everything is a plus... The screenplay is good. The story is interesting.


Will post after watching the movie for the second time!

Till then,

Bye :)

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