Saturday, June 21, 2008

Real estate - Chennai

Prices are going up up and away from our reach here in Chennai.
I dont know how long these things will last...
Lot of people are suffering cos of this... I ve read about a family struggling for a house for rent in Chennai. Their current landlord was asking them to leave the house as they got people who will give 10 thousand while this family was giving only 6 thousand. They are now having a tough time looking for a new house as the rental rates are just beyond their reach. (their income per month is 8,500). Imagine, family earning 8,500 is finding it difficult to find a place to stay... what about people earning less than that???
Life is so good when it is the usual. Get up in the morning, have breakfast, go to work, come back, have dinner and sleep.
While reading this article, I was thinking how much we have been blessed with. I mean, we dont have to worry about existence... we only think about how to live better.
Hope things change. No idea how this problem is going to be solved.
But I believe that "All bad things have an end"
Let s hope for a better tomorrow... :)

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  1. I really appreciate you to writing this post. It's true and i am really worried about the family. There are lot's of families like that. I always used to say that chennai is a Crossmopolitan city where you can find people from high class to low class. Then what about middle class? In a few years it's going to be really difficult to find the middle class family in chennai... :-(