Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blogging about my blog

Just noticed that lots of my posts are in draft.
Everytime I open a draft, to complete, I am BLANK.
I am not able to recollect what made me type the draft!!

Thinking about my blog, I never thought I will blog... or rather, someone will read my blog. My friends in Hexaware gave this idea. I am so happy about this, though I have never done enough justification.
Blogging helps me feel connected... some friends comment, some others talk about this when we chat and some just pass on the info to some one else... Feels nice!

I also like reading my friends' blogs. But, after twitter became popular, lots of them have (almost) stopped blogging. I tried tweeting, but like I mentioned earlier, it just does not seem to work for me. I can NEVER be a person of a few words... guess it s just not my cup-of-tea!

I also tried blogging in Tamil... I enjoy writing in tamil, but sometimes, I get some issues while typing, which interrupts my thought process a lot... so, have reduced it... (I dont want to stop it).

Anyways, keeping in touch with friends / relatives does not seem to be a big deal these days, with Face Book. But I dont want to lose touch of blogging. I feel so nice after posting something.... most of the days, it s nothing more than "i feel" or "i think" stuff, but still :)...

Well, that s me. See, I made a post with nothing substantial to talk about... with just the title... and here I am ... at the end of it.... ! Hope I get some topic for my next post (aaah ... I better ...or I may end up writing about "What do I do if I dont get a topic to blog about, but still want to blog"!)

Keep smiling!! :)

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