Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cough cough!

It is one thing to get cold / fever
It is another thing to get cold / fever in peak summer!
Terrible... I should say... asking for warm water in restaurants, using geyser at home, not having any cold drinks / ice creams, no flavoured milk... it is only tea or boost! :(

So, it just happened that I caught some bad infection from somewhere... one week of fever, body pain and cold scared my doctor and she advised me for a complete blood check up... it had all tests... from simple-well-known heamoglobin to very complicated stuff (including dengue, malaria, typhoid etc etc).

And my report came out to be positive in couple of typhoid tests (there were three tests for that). I went to the doctor with a sad (oh-i-got-typhoid) look. She looks at the report and said "That s a good report" (?????) When I asked about these two tests that turned out positive, she said that the third test is very important and if that is negative, there is nothing to worry. Also, my positive reports are in a very less dilution....
Ok... whatever... now what??? 5 days of medication and rest. Of course, this means I can take break from my work, rest at home and justify whenever I cook less!!! But still I have got the "I am sick" feeling. Pity!!! Poor me...


  1. paavam pa prabhu
    he'll hav to work xtra @ home covering up 4 u
    @ d same time
    he's gonna hav a nice time coz UR NOT GONNA COOK!!!!!!!!!!



  2. Hey prabha, take care ya... Was in the same boat during hari's engagement... And i really agree that drinking hot water in chennai's summer is a bad punishment :(

  3. ahh joys of being sick... hope you get better (and sometimes the pitty feels good)

  4. Hi vaikunt, akils and makku, am feeling better now. Thanks :)