Monday, April 19, 2010

Am back ... (well..again!)

Been doing / seeing lots of new things this time.... though that doesnt justify for a long break from blogging!

Just started tweeting again... though I somehow feel, it is not something that I will really enjoy...let's see.

Enjoyed watching the you tube videos of "Dhoni" and "Jai" (blabbering CKS, i am wearing dhoni's shirt etc etc) during CSK matches... really really funny!

Have been watching episodes of Two and a half men on star world on Sundays... have got addicted to these... just hilarious...

Busy with some functions at home... my cousin's engagement, my uncle's sashtiapthapoorthi(in simple words, 60th birthday) and my nephews' upanayanam...

Once again, I am on the "healthy" track... with walking everyday and having green tea (almost daily). The second part is the toughest!

Am also busy increasing my "social" activities... I go to the park in my apartment everyday in the evening... other than enjoying cool breeze, I also get to make lots of friends... :)

Life is Good :)


  1. Park ponga.. Bar ponga.. Appa dhaan oru social network valarum :-)


  2. Muthu... yenna brilliant idea! Thaanga mudile...

  3. I love Two and a Half Men...Charlie Sheen is just awesome. Miss those Sitcoms. I always wondered why we dont make such sitcoms in Tamil as opposed to the soaps that are doled out

  4. @Anonymous... I remember this program in Tamil trying some comedy... There was "Krishna Cottage" in Jaya TV long back. I could not even watch one episode... was horrible. Not sure if there are others.

  5. home town is chennai readin your blog makes me feel connected...keep bloggin..

  6. Didnt realise you wouldnt know who commented unless I write my name.. Sorry about that. I was the anonymous in the previous post

  7. and Krishna cottage was a very poor imitation of Friends - Kartik