Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Me and movies

So, it is again about movies...
Saw couple of movies in Tamil...

Aayiraththil Oruvan
Tamizh Padam

AO was just excellent in the first half... the blood shed was a bit too much, but the story was interesting for sure... As I was just wondering how the story will go in the second half, it was pathetic! Though I saw the edited version (I heard about 45 mts of the story was cut due to length), the second half was just not tolerable...
But I think it is a movie that we should watch atleast once... For the sake of the different storyline.

* The imagination of a chola king being alive is ok. But after that the story goes in a confused manner... Some black magic... some superstitious believes... some inscriptions.... aaaaaahhhhhhh
* Andrea is nowhere to be seen in the second half. (Probably because of some issues with the director, her role was reduced).Even in the first half, her character is very confusing... she doesnt tell about any of the problems... suddenly, from one point, she starts helping out...
* It is an out-an-out Reemma Sen (what s with the spelling!??!) movie. Karthi, could have thought before taking this role! After seeing his role in the first half, we expect so much... but there is nothing much for him after that.
*Why... why should the Cholas be shown as a group of uncivilised barbarians... (wherein the king alone lives happily), while the Pandiyas have eveolved into sophisticated human beings?
* So many confusions in the second half...! (Some in the first half too!)

A MUST WATCH MOVIE despite its negative points... Rarely, do we have a Tamil movie like this.

The next one, Tamizh(p) Padam

This was a complete contrast to the previous movie that I saw.
Full of funny lines and "typical" stuff from lots of Tamil movies... It was just hilarious. But beware, those who dont follow lot of Tamil movies, will hardly understand the jokes. I enjoyed the movie a lot. But only someone with a political background can come out with a movie like this. They have made fun, that too very openly, about stars in Tamil cinema... Rajni, Kamal, Karthik, Vijay, Simbu, TR, Vijaykanth etc etc... The hero, 'Mirchi' Shiva has given excellent performance in all the scenes. As usual, the heroine doesnt have much to do. The songs are nice... I liked the one with no lyrics, other than usual blabbering of lots of Tamil songs.
A very light movie... Go for it if you want to watch a perfect entertainer!


  1. Padam samma kadinu kelvi pattirupa.. enakku literala samma kadi.. something bit me in the theater and it is very bad.. Even after a week it is not healing, only getting worse and more painful:(


  2. 800 varusham malai illaama irundhaal makkal panjaththil adipatta maadhiridhaan iruppaanga... (i think you've slept while watching the movie)....

  3. AO, is a must watch movie. I've watched it after they removed few scenes in the second half. The story has some confusions or we didn't understand it fully(May be we need part 2). But it's a great movie, i would say it's a bench mark to Tamil cinema. This is completely different from all tamil movies which are rolling around love,villains or politician. The graphics and the places where the movie has been shot is well above than other Tamil movies and kudo's to Selva for taking tamil cinema to the next level.

    I didn't see the TP yet, but the trailer itself very funny. I guess Siva is the best hero for this character.

  4. AO is definitely different movie... breaking all the rules of Tamil cinema.
    TP is a nice movie... Ya, Siva s body language and expressions are just too hilarious! But lot of issues have started here as they have teased almost everyone... Some people just dont have sense of humour...

  5. enjoyed your critique very much! If I must say....I AGREE!!! :)