Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Yawn... Well... Yeah... I saw AVATAR (Sorry for the mokkai Title!)

+ The movie is GREAT
+ The grapics are SUPERB
+ The terms used are NICE... you know, Navi, Sahelu, some God(forgot the name) and spirit stuff
+ The way they have shown Pandora is AMAZING
+ The plants, their lighting... OUT OF THE WORLD
+ again, 3D is FANTASTIC

- The story.... it is BORING...  reminded me of some tamil movies... remember Nayagan, where Kamal fights for people who are asked to clear an area.... same stuff in another planet... ok?
- And... this koodu-vittu-koodu-payara stuff (something like exchange of spirits) we have definitely seen this right?
- Finally, something happens and the Hero saves the world (which is a suspense till the last minute haa haa...)

Overall, it is a movie that everyone should watch... but we get used to the graphics and when the story is boring... the effect is Yawn....AwwwWHAT????????RRRRRRRRRRR

And ya... Wish you a very Happy New Year! Keep smiling...

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  1. Ha ha good one, and wholly concur with that thought - boring story, awesome graphics!