Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Humble thoughts


Life seems to be busy these days. Had to go for a cousin's wedding and then came Diwali. So, didnt update my blog.

I have gone into philosophical mood these days.

Generally, I am a person who finds comedy in almost every thing (Ask my friends! there are numerous instances when almost nothing happened and I used to go on laughing for sometime!)

These days, I ve been thinking about lot of 'why' s.

Things are so strange.

I met my school mate the other day after years. And I got lost into my thoughts about my school.

I had a nice time in my school , though it was supposed to be a very very strict one. I enjoyed singing with my friends (in the school choir). The annual days, the sports days, days when I conducted the prayer, days when we rehearsed, days we had music classes, days I attended the leaders meeting... Now, I cherish all that. But when it all happened, it just seemed to be a routine. I was just waiting to come out of it and go to college.

Same thing happened in college. I remember chatting with my friends about how boring and "usual" life had become. But now, when I hear my college name, I feel sad that all the moments have just passed away.

But again, I think I should be happy that I have so many sweet memories that I will always cherish.

Chalo, enuff of philosophy now.
Will continue later...

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