Monday, December 12, 2011

Mayakkam Enna!

A blog after a long time! :) Hope I have not lost touch!!

It took me a while to accept the fact that we had just booked tickets for "Mayakkam Enna"... the movie that lots of people told me, is "waste". (Probably this was the reason, why I had low expectations about the movie).

The movie started with usual "Selva" stuff...All very predictable. But as it proceeded, I started enjoying the feel of the movie. It had everything... comedy, tragedy, nice songs, nice picturisation, simple storyline.... etc etc.

I am not a very big fan of Dhanush... but in this movie, I liked his work. He is not only the hero, but also the comedian and the villian. He does everything that any other hero will never do and that, probably, is his strength.
He sings in base voice... It s so down to earth... His voice in "Oda oda" song is nice and apt. And so is "Adida avale". This song is just in the right place... when you feel like hitting the heroine!

He has acted very well, without doubt, as he does his role with perfect ease. You feel that no one else could have done justice to this role.

As I said before, the initial scenes were very predictable and the heroine was almost like Sonia Agarwal's characters in Selva's previous movies. Then, she had lot of scope and did a good job overall. Her characterisation is good. The way she acts in few important scenes... just too good for debut heroine. Great dubbing by Deepa Venkat.

GV Prakash
Nice music. Maybe copied from somewhere, but I dont care... as long as the music is good (and as long as I ve never heard the original!!). The background score as well as the songs are nice...

He is the true Hero. Making a movie out of such a simple story... Great effort.
I didnt like lot of movies that I saw of late... Velayudham, 7am Arivu... I feel both movies, especially, the latter, was perfect example of
1. How to kill a nice storyline and made a predictable and pathetic movie
2. How to place a song at the perfect wrong moment in the move
3. How to create a hype for all wrong reasons

Selva has done a nice work by avoiding all the above.

To sum up, go for it if you like "Selvaraghavan" movies. If you dont like them, then go with zero or negative expectations, you may like it... just like I did!


  1. Nice...thanks for the info, i will now see the movie!!!

  2. we should all get active on blogging :) good one prabs ! though i didnt have the same experience while watching it !

  3. Thanks uma and vandana! I feel lot of factors contribute to liking a movie. Including small things like traffic on the road while going to the theatre, when you reach the theatre or even the food you just had! I had a very nice lunch with family before going to watch the movie... :) maybe I would not have liked the movie, had I seen it on a bad day!

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  5. Hello Madam,
    After long long time i am trying to be active at the blogging community. It's kind of movie where you cannot think anyone ouside Selva and Dhanush. I couldn't agree with you more on 7aam arivu (what a waste).
    I am sure you will have ton's of stuff to write and hope you will find some time to write.