Friday, August 16, 2013

To believe or not to believe!

Life teaches us so much!!

Ya... this one is a serious one from me...

I was brought up in a typical Tambrahm family.

Going to temple once a week and on special occasions (the list is biiiiig) So I never gave much thought to what I "believe" in.

Once I was on my own, going to temples and praying every night (applying "vibhuti") still continued.
Similar to what was taught in my school , I was taught at home (and made to believe) that those who do good will never face anything bad in life.

Then came series of mishaps. Each time I got the strength to pick me up from pieces and start anew, I fell steeper. Life was so tough... Now who else do I blame but God... So, I started avoiding everything that I used to do before. Going to temples became a once-in-a-year thing.

Last 3 weeks... Starting from July 24th... the day when my dad got a severe heart attack... were so hectic and strenuous. I had to manage lot of things and was under terrible pressure, especially when the doctor did not tell anything about appa s recovery for 4 days. (Now appa is back home, recovering)

Things started changing when I used to spend most of my day in the ICU waiting hall.
I met so many people ... people with various problems, a 5 days old kid, waiting for a heart operation, a forty year old man, who had an unsolvable heart problem, a 25 year old guy who had a major problem in brain....

I found one thing in common. Everyone was positive about God being on their side.

What made them think like this? What gave them so much belief? Why didn't they look at God as someone who gave them the problem and instead, someone who has the solution???

The more time I spent with them, the more I thought about all of this.

Here is what I understood.

I feel things are so much easier when we put the burden on someone else. Apart from positive thinking, thinking that God (or someone) is there to take care of our problems , seems to reduce the stress.

So... where am I now... Do I believe??? No idea... Just going with the flow of things... Have understood one thing though...

Life teaches us so much!!!


  1. When we are in trouble we tend to think their is notng called GOD.ihave been in that place so many times.either u have ti keep ur mind calm or meet people who have bigger problem than us to blev GOD.i swing both the sides.....i realy dont know am n which side of swing one thg.......wen we r n trouble where else to cry,but to god.....

  2. It is indeed hard to cross this boundless ocean of samsaara. Google for meaning of all verses of Bhaja Govindam, watch the below link for 10 verses which will give you an insight.

    Bhaja Govindam Video (With English Meaning) - YouTube -

  3. The thoughts you have put across are very heartfelt and cross everyone's mind when they go through such situations. I feel this is neither something logical which can be rationalized or analyzed.

    In my opinion praying to god in such times does not arise due to a need for lessening our stress, but more to redeem our faith and feeling connected to the higher power