Tuesday, March 3, 2009

"Ad" world

Saw the latest Airtel Ad?
The cute little boy calling up his dad from toy cellphone...
So cute... I like the last part when he jumps with joy!

It s nice to see such ads when there are a whole lot of stupid ones.

Another nice one is from Max New York Life Insurance. The boy walking on the platform yearning for a bike... the man in bike, for a girl and so on and the ad again comes to the first boy.

I cant think of many nice ads... There are so less.

I just hate the kurkure ads. They make no sense with punchlines like "konala irundhaalum yennodadhu"

Not to forget the "fairness creams" ads which show that people who are anything short of looking fair are just worthless... If you are fair, you can win a boy's heart, you can get a chance as a cricket commentator and voila, you can even win a dance competition.. Isn't the idea just marvellous??? Since when did fairness become a confidence booster?

And lots of ads which show kids as "over brilliant" and some which have cine stars just because they could afford it. (Remember, Big B in some cement ad where he sneezes and the walls fall?)

Well, Give me a break!! :)


  1. prabha..super post ponga. can i write few of my favourites ? ok.
    my favourite Ad - Max New York Life Insurance again..where a baby says ..daddy, then dad asks for banana which he promptly says ...and then dad asks to tell chekozlovakia. typical investor mentality.

    and Ad's that i dont like much..most body spray ad's and one paint Ad, where the paint saves a kid from his bullying seniors by bouncing water...i just hate this particular Ad.

  2. Good post, when i was reading this , i felt you were only talking infront of me .... hahhaha
    no breaks and finally laughter :D

  3. The Airtel ad is awesome... Similar to that there are some ads here which is for At&t wireless. it's also cool and sometimes i used to think airtel ads are copied from here. Recently one ad which got my attentions is Wester Union money transfer.. i saw that ad in IBN live and liked it because of it's music.In the same news site one more add which is also for Money transfer "Axis remit" which is almost the same concept but it sucks. Few years back i used to SBI ads which was for the "maximum number of ATM's in India by SBI". Almost 10 ads at the same time and everyone was so different and all ads were awesome.. :) i don't know whether those ads are in air now..