Monday, April 27, 2009


Summer Camp... Seems to be the "happening thing".

Lot of newspaper ads/ articles ... lot of flyers about these courses...

I was just thinking how much money these people make in this 2 months period. :)

Some go for cheap and best option... Just one or two hours a day... Some "less investment stuff" like arts / craft / drawing... classes at their house....and they get good income...

For those couples who go to office, they prefer full day camp to keep their kid occupied (summer camp cum day care)... Obviously, due to double income, the cost of the camp is immaterial!

All this reminds me of the class that I went to... During my 11th std holidays...

My uncle told my mom about this 5 days (10 to 5) classes in Madras Management Association about personality development.

So, we (me and 2 of my friends... J & B), decided to go for this.

Those 5 days were really so nice... I mean, I used to think these "personality development" courses were just waste of time... But after this class, I could feel the difference... It made me a very very confident person.

We were divided into groups and had some contest everyday. I remember one, in which we had to do a play and the topic for our team was "Mental hospital on a full moon day". All of us scripted it and I was also one among the four patients. We had so much fun while acting and our play was judged the best. The funny part was, one of the judges pointed at me and told, "She acted so well, that we almost believed that she is a patient!"

Also, we had a public speaking contest in the final day....

FLASHBACK......................About a month before this, I had gone for a debate in my school (inter- house competition). The topic was something like "Men in kitchen and women at work." I had to talk against it and one of the teachers gave me the material to talk. It was so dumb... I had to talk something which someone else had written... I went to the mike. I started with the speech and after I completed one line, I could feel my heartbeat "Thump Thump" I stopped and was blinking at the crowd. Then I left the stage feeling bad. I had participated in lot of singing competitions and even won some of them. So, it was just not about stage fear. I had to talk from MY mind. Not what some teacher had written on the paper...

So, when I had to talk about "My favourite Heroine", I decided to do my best (as I remembered how bad I felt after my school competition). So, I chose to talk about Kiran Bedi, a person, whom I truly admire. I searched a lot about her and noted the information which made sense to me as the speech had to be small. Then I made a "Q" card (they had given the idea about this in class), with 5 / 6 headers. I spoke making eye contact with people and following other things they taught at the class.... I won the competition!

It was then that I realised, these classes DO make a difference. I mean, not just that one contest, this class made me a very confident person altogether!

Well, I dont know you found this post interesting, but just wanted to share some old memories...

Anyways, will try to blog more regularly!



  1. I never had a chance to go to a class like this. I used to just ignore though i got couple of chances while i was studying in college and never worried about that. I had lot's of confidence when i was stying in schools but everything went down when i joined college. Mainly it's because of the language and i used to hesitate lot even after my professional carrier started. I am started putting my Mokai and thanks for this post to make a point that some of the courses which really makes difference :). I could imagine how you could have acted as a patient. Even if i was there i would have thought your were real patient. :) Just kidding madam...
    I never knew that you used sing... May be during this summer you can start the singing class if you are good at it.. :)

  2. Thinking of singing competitions, I remember the prayer song sung by your group (it was something like "kadavul arulai ninainthu..")for our school sports day! I had the opportunity to play the keyboard for that song and I really thought of it as a complete waste of time but now realise how nice those days were!!!!

  3. Jegu,Anonymous
    Thanks for ur comments...

    Anonymous, May I know ur name?

  4. Hye Prabs,

    I remember those MMA classes... They were fun.
    Brings back lotsa memories.