Friday, November 6, 2009

Perfect Morning...

I, usually, get up by 6.30 AM... Yesterday night I decided to take a break and sleep for a bit longer

But I woke up at the usual time... There was nothing much to be done at home at this time... The rain had made me lazy...:)
I made a nice cup of tea... took some biscuits... and settled in my balcony... spent about half an hour gazing at the raindrops... enjoying every bit of it!

Rain + Tea + Biscuits... Wah! kya combintion hai...


  1. Aah...the starting of the monsoon is always magical...of course one week into it, and we grow tired bcecause of traffic, smelly clothes,power cuts etc

    I want to add listening to fav. songs, while eating molaga bajji to the list.