Friday, October 16, 2009

Diwali = FUN!

I really enjoy this time of the year...
Diwali, to me, is lots of shopping, making sweets, meeting friends & relatives and having lots of fun.
So, my Diwali shopping started with a designer Saree followed by shopping for my parents, in laws and Prabu.
Didn't buy many crackers this year... just some sparklers, flower pot and ground wheel.
I distributed Diwali sweets in my colony a bit early this year... It was so nice to meet so many people... I made couple of good friends in the process! :)

And today I will be making one sweet and one other snack. Will post on that after successful completion of the task...

Am waiting for tomorrow as I ll be going to my cousins place for a biiiiig family get together and after visiting some more relatives, will be back home for Diwali celebrations.

Do write about your pre Diwali and Diwali experiences!

Have a happy and safe diwali...
my friends who know tamil, click here!

1 comment:

  1. /**I really enjoy this time of the year. **/
    because of the designed sarree??? :)

    Deepavali is one festival which brings joy to most of the people who is in India. This year even Mr.Obama, and Mr.Brown also celebrated it.

    For me it was like a normal day so nothing to write about it..

    /**Less Crackers **/,
    I liked it, the global warming is causing serious issues it's better to avoid it. I wish people who are in cities will try to reduce the crackers in the coming years,,

    When there are lot's of villages who didn't burst single cracker, will it be difficult to do the same in town's and cities.. ? only time will answer this.. :)

    I hope you will also agree on this..