Monday, September 28, 2009

Movie season!

Well, looks like it s raining movies here!

I saw two more ... Ninaithale inikkum and Unnaipol Ourvan (UPO)...

The first one was ok... not very impressive. But it was definitely ok after Kandasamy.
Only the last fifteen minutes of the first half were gripping, which made us stay till the end (we had planned to walk out in the interval). The songs are catchy. I liked Shakti's character and his performance. Could not accept Prithviraj as a college student (even though it was final year).
Overall... Not bad

UPO was good one... Had just seen "A wednesday" last week... So, no big suspense factor. But for the "K" factor (you know, the usual "peter" stuff from Kamal),the movie was nice with neat performances by all. Thouroughly enjoyed the movie as it was short and sweet... just for 2 hrs.
I guess a detailed review will spoil the "suspense" element, if you have not seen the movie... So, I will stop with this :)

Ok... I will take a break from my movie reviews in my next post.


  1. Ninaithale inikkum is a very good movie....
    UPO will be a commercial success for kamal..i guess he chose a hindi movie that wont fail in box office.
    and prabha what happened to the movie i told to watch ?

  2. i didn't see ninaithale inikkum. UPO was good, i liked the dialogues very much. But i didn't get the same feel as i watched hindi. Though i don't know hindi i could able to see the feel of a "comman man" in hindi than tamil.

  3. @Sam, not yet... have to watch that one.
    @Jegu, ya, even I felt the same.... I liked the hindi common man.... probably because he was more "common" than Kamal! :)