Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kandasamy.. Nondhasamy... Venthasamy

Ya... you must have guessed from the title... I DIDNT like the movie...

Heard from some people that the movie is sick.. but didnt have much choice as we wanted to go for "some" movie.. this was the only one available (well, atleast THAT should have made me think!)

Let me first list down what all I didnt like in the movie (though the other way would be shorter!)
1. This is about a "super hero"... He sings, dances, and "cock-a-doodle-do"s before hitting the bad guy
2. The heroine is the villian s daughter (no points for guessing this) who hardly wears anything... She really spoilt the songs and some scenes because of her dresses , voice (which didnt suit her at all) and her bad lip sync.
3. The songs were a big disappointment... I liked the audio of some of them ... the visuals were sick...also, the dance for "Allegra" was pathetic...
4. The plot itself is a big minus... Though the director claims that the story was written before Anniyan...we cant help feeling that we are watching a "jugalbandi" of all (or most of) Shankar s movies. There is nothing new..
5. The length of the movie... the second half just keeps going on and on and on and on...
6. Though the script didnt have anything very interesting, the first half was tolerable... in the second half of the story, the director seemed to be lost. He brought in himself as an "important" character and bugged us to death...
7. Everyone in the movie... (except Prabu and the villian) is helping the hero... very bugging beyond a point...
8. Vadivelu's comedy... very pathetic.

Ok... stop calling me a pessimist... I also liked somethings in the movie..
1. Songs (but not all..just 3... there s this song dedicated for PIZZA... how cool na?grrrrr !!!!)
2. Music
3. Background score
aaaaaa ok... ya, I mean in other words... Music only.

I know this is a high budget movie made with a good intention... adopting villages stuff. They could have adopted some more villages if they didnt waste so much money on this movie

If you have seen this movie, hope you will understand my feelings (sob!)
If you are going to watch it... dont tell me I didnt warn you.

Keep smiling :)


  1. Saw it with my colleague on first day of release. Rarely you find such a movie where the interval seemed to be the most memorable part of it. :-)

  2. This is one of the movie that didn't even come to few percentage of it's expectations.
    I went to this movie on the first day itself and after seeing the first scene with that Kokoroko sound... That's it i decided it's going to be useless...

    One think which i don't understand still, the producer and the director are saying it's superb movie and it's made this much collection and it's huge hit and it's record ... i don't know how..

    May be they are thinking that "inum intha ooru avangala nambuthu nu"..

    I can tolerate all in that movie except that directors appearance.... Regarding the song, first song itself can say how well they have couriographed the rest.. Just for 40 viewers there is stage (in graphics) where 4 people can dance..

    One of the worst movie that i have seen.. The one positive thing in the movie, Vikram was looking good.. But no use..

    May be i could have warned you before you go for this movie..

  3. see this movie "mayaandi kudumbathaar"...very very touching movie. recently released only.

    one of the very few tamil movies that made me cry.