Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It s my life!

Ever noticed how priorities keep changing for all of us?

I have noticed that...

Well, when I was in school, I had no priorities.... probably, I didnt think much.... used to live life "Just like that"... no tension... no worries... My friends J & B will know ... It was FUN.

In college, things started changing... esp in the 3rd and 4th year... exams... placements... etc etc

End of college, when my parents started the Great Groom Search (ok... I AM exaggerating), things started changing again... Who, where, what , how etc etc.

The D Day came soon when I met Prabu... Liked his family so much... And when we were talking.... Took a glance at him....ya, maybe, that s him!!! And so it was....

Since then my life has been revolving around him...

So many changes... But life is just getting better each time...(of course with its roller coaster ups and downs).

But over all, when I take a look at my life...I feel that everything s for good... I have always wanted to be in a family like this... and I feel sometimes, that I have always got more than what I wanted / asked for....

Maybe that s why (and that s when), God gave me a push...
probably to remind myself that Life is a mixture of everything...
probably to make me understand how strong I am...
probably for making me understand how nice and supportive people are around me...
whatever, I still have no regrets... I still am happy to be where I am... God has His own plans for me... I will accept whatever He gives... Smiling as always... :)
Because when He gave me good things (more than I expected), I never complained... So, now, when He s showing me the other side, I think it is my duty to accept this also.
What say friends? :)


  1. i am not sure about your real problem but the line below explains life in simple words "Life is like a box of chocolates... You never know what you are gonna get. - Movie: FORREST GUMP"

  2. But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength... Bible verse.

  3. Hey Prabha!!! Not aware what you are facing now.. I am 100% sure you will be cheerful and happy once again, very soon.... God bless!! One tip I follow when I am upset- Revisit old photographs, emails. Would be very refreshing.

    Sandhya Shankarraman

  4. Whatever the problem is, i am pretty sure that things will get better, and you will soon jump to the other side of it.. :)

  5. Life is full of ups and downs, enjoy when it is up and have courage when it down.. I am sure u have it :)

    Life is like a wheel, up today, down tomorrow and up again day after tomorrow :) .. cheers

  6. Hi Babes!!!
    Things will be on Track pretty soon..Dont you worry at all.All your loved ones prayers are with you. Dont lose heart!!
    Love You Lots.Jus Keep smiling bcoz Jus love the way u smile and set things right...


  7. I see the problems in my life to understand how weak i am with out god's help. I think thats what even God's intentions are. I have read this
    'Everything in life has a beautiful ending, if its not beautiful then be sure its not yet the end'
    and another one..
    'Winning horse doesnt know why it runs the race, it runs because of the lashes and the pain, the more the pain stronger you become. Life is a race and God is your rider.. the harder he beats you stronger he makes you. So that you would be the winning horse' - so dont loose hope, he just wants you to win bigger hurdles...

  8. It s so nice to hear so much from u all... Believe me, I feel much better now ... :)

  9. Hey Prabs, I don't know what to say. Knowing you for all these years, you are probably the most positive of the three of us. Wud always love to see ya smiling as ever, and cracking up into big uncontrollable laughter as ever....

  10. Hey just came to know that you maintain a blog. That's great. Hmm this blog entry of yours is cool.. Ofcourse everyone told their view point and I dont want to bore you with advice. Cheers

    Muthunathan (Thala pola varuma) ;-)