Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy "New" Year!

Starting with the wishes, crackers, expensive buffets, cultural programs, special TV shows... The list of how we welcome the new year is endless...

This year, we welcomed the new year at home... Just a quiet celebration with family . I decided to make some nice dinner at home and all of us were cooking together (even my nephew, Pranav was helping me !) It was fun to bond with everyone in a different way. Cooking, serving and eating dinner together... Then sometime spent chatting with them... Then wishing everyone...

I really enjoyed it. Much more than some times when we used to go out for the "special" new year buffet, in some nice hotels. Of course, "special" means just the usual fare.. except that it is twice(or thrice) more expensive and oh! the names of the dishes should be exotic (e.g. Paneer sabji sounds so boring.. How about Paneer Lajawaab or Paneer Nawaabi).

I was just wondering... why so much excitement during this ? WHY?

Probably...we are all just so excited by something new. New job, new dresses... etc...
(Maybe we would be excited about the new month, if it didn't occur so frequently!)

New year brings us so much to get excited about. Like the resolutions... (Oops!!)
So many people would have made resolutions. But the list will be almost the same every year (Obviously, because people would not have done anything...)

**Only for F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans....Remember, how in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Rachel "keeps up" to the resolution of writing in diary. In fact, I don't remember any character who sticks to it... Joey never learnt to play Guitar, Monica never took photos, Chandler didn't stop teasing his friends, Ross didn't do a-new-thing-everyday and of course, Rachel didn't stop gossiping ....**

Probably, we are excited because we take it as a chance to turnover into a new leaf.
Probably, we think we will set all things right.
Probably, because we are happy about the next year, because, we don't know anything about it.
Probably, we think it as starting afresh... avoiding or, atleast try to avoid the mistakes.

There is so much positive energy around.

Finally, I realized, instead of wondering why we are happy, I would rather jump in and soak in the happiness... After all, is that not the most important thing in life??? Is that not what we all want??? Is that not why we all do what we do??? Just to be happy...

So, wishing you all a very Happy New Year! :)

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