Tuesday, January 14, 2014

"Veeram"ana Pongal Vaazhuthukkal!

Well, it all started when we planned to go for a movie on Pongal!
Didn't have much to choose from... Jilla and Veeram... So, I thought it will be a better choice to go for Veeram... Well, I wont know if I was completely wrong before watching Jilla!

The movie has a standard story... Nothing more, nothing less. But it is the other things which made the difference. As usual, I saw before reading other reviews, so that I wont have any expectations about this.

Ajith ... only if you are his fan. Otherwise it is a minus... Because seeing him in different angles with the same expression becomes boring, after the first time.
Tamanna - She does not look very young (another way of saying that she is looking old!). This is a plus only because our hero does not like to colour his hair.
Santhaanam - After a series of flop movies and pathetic comedy track, the least I expected from him was to make me smile....But I had good laugh, thanks to him!

Ajith's Hair - Oh please ! We don't want any explanation for his grey (or white hair). Atleast colour your hair while singing duet with Tamanna in exotic locations. She s looking like his daughter in those songs... Sample pic
Music - Usually, I like music by DSP. But this time, it was a big let down. Almost all the songs are so similar to his old songs... Nothing creative.
Length of the movie - This could have been reduced by one hour, atleast. I lost my patience in so many places. Too many lengthy fights(probably to justify the name)

Overall, a watchable movie , good entertainment here and there. Veeram... Konjam goram!


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