Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Q n A. Chain Blog - English Version.

Got this from my friend SAM...

Here s my attempt...

This is a very rough translation for some of my friends who cant read Tamil (Ash and Vix).

1. What s the reason behind your name? Do you like it?
My mom told me... Prabha means light from the Sun. I was born in the evening, when the sunlight is very beautiful.
And after I met my life partner, I started to like my name more.. cos his name is almost the same. (Prabakar).

2. When was the last time you cried?
I used to cry very frequently. But have changed nowadays. Don't remember when I cried last.

3. Do you like your handwriting?
Well, to some extent.

4. Fav lunch?

5. Do you make new friends?
Depends on how they are... I like talking to people and making friends...

6. Which one do you like... bathing in sea or falls?

7. When you look at a person for first time, what do you notice?

8. What do you like and dislike about yourself?
I like the way I try to be happy always.
I don't like (some of) my mokkais...(cant help it!)

9. What do you like and dislike about your spouse?

I like the way he treats me (he is very caring).
Nothing in particular that I dislike.

10. Whose presence do you miss?
Some friends...

11. What color dress are you wearing now?

12. Which song are you listening to now?

13. If you were a color pen, what color would you choose?

14. Fav smell?
Petrol, jasmine, rose, rain etc etc.

15. Why do you choose to read you fav blogs?
I read the blogs which are close to normal / natural stuff... Rather than poetry / fiction...
I prefer simple blogs ... just to the point, without much exaggeration...
Fav blogs.... Vicky, Sam, Jegu, Jaya, Betsy

16. Fav sport?

17. Do you wear glasses?
No. Only contact lens.

18. What kind of movie do you like?
Nothing specific. Am a Kamal fan.

19. Which was the movie you saw recently?
Masilamani... Total junk.

20 Fav Season?
Nothing specific.

21. Which book are you reading now?
I read magazines

22. How often do you change your desktop pic?
Not very frequently.

23. Which sound do you like and dislike?
Like - Music... beats..
Dislike - Horn sounds

24. Which is the farthest place from your home where you have gone?

25. Any talent?
I Sing and dance to some extent
I cook well
Am good at making friends!

26. Things you cant digest?
Lots... about life

27. The devil in you?
Very angry

28. Fav tourist spot?

29.How do you like to be?
Juts want to be the same.

30. What do you like to do when your husband is not around?
Nothing specific. I don't like it when he s not near..

31. About life?
Song from Vaaranam Aayiram.. Anjaley...
It says life is like a Giant Wheel... with Ups and Downs...


  1. ///Favourite lunch? ....Chappati////

    question was not your favourite diet lunch...forget diet , weight loss and answer the question.
    is it by any chance curd rice ????? just curious.

  2. if you didnt know, Prabhakar means sun. So it makes more sense for Prabha to be husband of Prabhakar - Prabha will be always be there for Prabhakar. :)

  3. Sam,
    It s NOT curd rice. :).
    Seriously, I like chappati...

    Deepu, Prabhakar cant be a female's name! Anyways, what you ve said is true...
    //Prabha will be always be there for Prabhakar.//

    And vice - versa. :)