Friday, July 24, 2009

New York!

Saw this movie last week.

I expected a romantic comedy stuff... as I had not read any reviews... But this one was totally different.

A view of 9/11.. A totally different view of the tragedy.

The movie was very serious... with some timing comedy from Irfan (needless to say... great perfomance).
The characterisation was good. Neil fit the bill of an innocent, goody goody person.
John also lives as his character of a fighter / bully. But I felt Katrina Kaif was looking very old.. esp in the college track.

The story begins with an innocent Neil, being trapped by FBI. While we are wondering... "what s happening???", the story moves to the flashback... to the college days of these 3 people... and the friendship btwn them...

Just after Neil proposes to Katrina,there comes the attack of 9/11... and our hero, Neil, who realises that Katrina loves John, leaves their lives...

The flashback ends here.

Now, the FBI suspects John to be a terrorist... and they want Neil to help them for this.

The story then follows lots of twist and turns... With a "not-so-happy" ending.

The songs just come as a part of the movie... they are not shot separately in exotic locales, but just come along with the story... This is a good relief!

The picturisation is lovely...

Overall, Nice movie!

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