Saturday, October 13, 2007

Me and my friends...Part 1

One thing I will never forget about ISG is the list of friends I got here.
We formed a gang of about 10 people.
We went together of tea everyday and got used to each other s company.
After some days, it was difficult to go for tea even if one of us were not there.

We enjoyed our first year(it was more like college days!) and on the completion of the first year, we went for a full day trip to Mahabalipuram.
It was a very memorable trip... we went for boating, crocodile park, tigers cave and dhaba.
We had lot of fun pulling each other s legs!

We have a person called H in our gang.
I have to give full credit to her for all her goof ups, which were a major part of our discussions.
And I as always, was / am / will be full of mokkais and I have a habit of laughing at my own jokes (I was forced into this habit, as my friends refused to laugh at my jokes).

Some words which remind me of H are

Kaaka biriyani
Noooooo di

The explanation for all the above will be given in my forth coming posts about my friends as they need a lot of explanation!

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