Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Me and my friends...Part 3

Mr. S AKA reaperus maximus
He s a very very hard working and technical guy.
Even his jokes / mokkai s are logical or technical!!
He loves to put in his best in everything he does... even if it is just teasing people (the target is mostly H or A)
He has helped many people in our office to solve their technical problems!

Ms. S AKA "Loose Control"
She likes dancing and she is very friendly.
She likes to dress up... with some make up ( not like A).
But be careful before u say anything bad about her... If you do so, she will loose control! :)
(S, that was a joke.... pls believe me!)

Mr. V AKA. Palli(Lizard) / Bijli
He s very jovial and also, very sensitive.
He is called bijli because of his fav song, "Babuji zara dheere chalo".
The song is his favourite because he danced for this song, and he was the "Bijli" in the song!
He is called Lizard because he resembles one. (Sorry V, I had to tell this! kindly excuse...)

Sometimes I feel this gang resembles a zoo/animal planet... with elephants(that's me!), dino s, lizards, porcupines around!!!

And FYI, I am called Chinna aanai (small elephant). So, that is some consolation right?

Ok, that' s all from my side as of now.

See ya!

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  1. "He is called Lizard because he resembles one."...Wow I am sure that will hurt!!!!But u r wrong that I only laugh at my jokes... The whole world laughs with me (or at me - I cant decide)!!!Cheerio