Wednesday, October 17, 2007

My Department, My friends and Me!

So, I was having a nice time with my group when we were asked to start working.
I was fortunate to get a department with lot of good people around me.
I ve made so many friends here. And each friendship has a story behind it.

Sam, Ramesh, Subbu, Jegu, Muthu (Pls note the order doesn't have any significance!) were all "surprise" friends... I didnt ever think I ll be a good friend to these people! But before I left ISG, i had loads of memories about all these people. I think, I am very lucky to have met them.

Then, there are people of my batch, with different date of joining.
Ronee, Deepa, Divya... I enjoyed their company. We used to crack stupid jokes most of the time!

And some seniors... Keerthi , Akila, Mohan, Abishek, Thangaraj, Ganesh... They ve helped me a lot technically.They ve not only been with me all through the tough times I had in ISG, but have also been with me for many light moments!

In the batch which joined after us, I became very close to some of them...

Swathi and Senthil- My cubicle mates who ve had a tough time in listening to my mokkais.
The common thing about both of them look like they r very silent. But once they start talking, there s no stopping!
Jokes apart, I got very attached to these two! Am missing them a lot!

Then, Sinthu and Lavanya - Very good singers. I used to irritate Sinthu a lot by teasing her, by imitating here. The best thing about her is that she ll never take anything to heart. She will always keep smiling. and Lavanya is a very calm and composed person. She s fun loving and a very very humorous person.

Nithya - She s a very innocent and sweet girl. She s very very sincere and serious person!
Always, I ve seen lot of people crowding at her place. (for technical as well s non-technical discussions)


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  2. happy to see your blog with all our names with your memories... i have small concern here...:-) Can u change the name orders ... because sam is insulting me lot :-( ... in the name list he is one who joined lastly in our group.... Then how come he can come first in the list? ...